Immigrant Crime Film Targets Accredited Investors & Family Offices Pursuing Alternative Investments

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By 2027, Global Media & Entertainment will be a $2.7 Trillion industry. “Kiev Nites” is opening the doors to accredited investors who are actively pursuing alternative investments that may not be readily offered to them by their wealth advisors

Los Angeles, California Mar 4, 2024 ( – Inspired by film such as “The Departed”, “Goodfellas”, “Once Upon A Time in America”, “Godfather”, and other prolific crime films, Yuri Rutman’s “Kiev Nites” is opening the door to select accredited UHNW investors, family offices, and qualified purchaser reps.

“For investors and movie lovers alike, the story of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant boy who is growing up in Chicago with dreams of being a violinist and turning to a life of crime is an extraordinary tale. Especially with the character’s family backstory of anti-Semitism both in the former Soviet Union and their immigrant struggles in the United States”, states the film’s writer, producer, and director, Yuri Rutman.

The recent buying sprees of privately financed films at the recent Sundance Film Festival continues to show that as an uncorrelated asset class, media & entertainment has outperformed all other asset classes. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, studios, and independent distributors are increasing the dollars they are spending on private investor backed movies.

“Many of these investors are tech or other prolific entrepreneurs who sold their companies with a massive exit and are looking to evolve into a profitable alternative investment in a $2 trillion dollar global industry”, adds Rutman. “They are passionate about helping to bring amazing stories to a global audiences. Along with participating in a new investment opportunity that may not usually be offered to them by their wealth management firms or financial advisors”.

And big private equity firms such as Blackrock, KKR, Arbry, Bluestone, and others continue to back media & entertainment deals.

“Kiev Nites” is offering investors a 120% preferred profit participation. Along with a possible 100% deduction of their investment under IRS Section 168.

“Apart from being a filmmaker, I have been a venture advisor and startup co-founder so I am structuring this investment opportunity with several possible exit strategies for investors. Especially if we film in either Illinois, Canada, or Hungary, the monetized tax credits and rebates can exceed 30%”, states Rutman. “Off course investors will also receive a ‘producer’ credit, on set access to the filming, and a first look opportunity to invest in other film/tv projects”.

Rutman’s last film “Trained”, ( was acquired and released globally the official distributor of Academy Award Nominated short films, (AMC Networks). He wrote, directed, and starred in it.

Prospective investors can indicate their interest by contacting Rutman at 312-620-7584, or via

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