Natalia Whiteker

Nartalia is an author of fitcurious. She writes in a humorous way: Her characters never walk, they clump along, or when someone complains (in a flying machine) that flight is impossible, the other characters agree and show her why she's right! 

Patrick Morrison

Patrick Morrison now he is a staff writer for Fit Curious. He write some fiction story, poems and articles. He studied US Social and Political Studies at University College MCE and then completed a MA in Broadcast Journalism at City University.

Stephan Mohmmad

Stephen is the author of the poetrys and freelance writer. Stephan earned BA in English from vassar college and also post-graduate of Johns Hopkins University. He worked as an editor and content writer. His working has been in featured best new article, poet, he has received various other articles and honer for poetry. He is a 8-year veteran as a news writer and has working with News Head Line Staff.

Joel Hommond

Joel Hammond is a freelance journalist, bringing you interesting fashion fiction, tales of discovery and critical story at everything from deadly diseases.Joel earned BA in English from texas college and she is currently based in USA.