Nuestro Stories Partners with Latina Entrepreneurs and Media Pioneers to launch Bilingual, Bicultural Platform Brilla Latina

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Nuestro Stories announced at the 2024 AIMM GrowthFronts that it has partnered with noted Latina entrepreneurs, media pioneers, and the longtime publisher of Latina Cool, Sandra Ortiz, to launch the fully bilingual, bicultural platform Brilla Latina.

Powered by Nuestro Media ad technology for scalable media delivery, the second owned and operated platform of the Nuestro Stories editorial cohort serves modern Latinas 18-54 who cherish their culture, careers, and family. The daily web and social media platform promises a comprehensive coverage of lifestyle, career, beauty, family, entrepreneurship, and entertainment. Embracing a practical and insightful approach, the content is infused with optimism, ensuring a refreshing and empowering experience for our audience..

We could not be prouder of this acquisition and rebrand of Latina Cool because our platform kicks off with a deep library of more than 1,000 articles and multimedia content pieces, as well as 400,000 fans across social media and an exceptional editorial leader in Sandra, said Angela Sustaita-Ruiz, co-founder of Nuestro Stories. Sandra brings years of publishing experience, and personifies a platform that will strive to be hyper-inclusive for ALL Latinas regardless of nationalities, geography or ideology.

Self-Made Founders

One of the platforms biggest differentiators: Brilla Latina will be highly relatable to Latinas because it is curated by formidable self-made founders spanning investing, media, social media, restaurants, and real estate.

"The remarkable achievements of our partners, and the challenges they've overcome to attain success inspire the narrative for Brilla Latina creating space for women to feel seen and understood, said Ortiz, who is of Mexican descent and owner of two Taquito Lindo restaurants in Buffalo, NY. "Although our platform tends to skew younger, we are committed to offering content that resonates with every Latina, transcending age, values, and nationalities, as we wholeheartedly embracing a stance of hyper-inclusion," added Ortiz.

Sustaita-Ruiz is the co-founder of Hispanicize Media Group which she built, and sold, and is a nationally recognized pioneer of the Latino social media marketing and influencer industries.

Investor and contributing editor Mercedes Soler is a Latina broadcast TV journalist, 5-time Emmy and Peabody winner, and founding correspondent of Univisions iconic Primer Impacto. Today, Soler is the co-owner and president of the Florida-based Hispanic radio station group Solmart Media that she runs with her husband, Tomas Martinez, and which currently includes seven radio stations.

Gloria Heck is the CEO of the all-female South Florida-based Gloria Sells Real Estate, and began her career as a digital advertising pioneer at The Palm Beach Post.

Content and Advertising Alliance

As part of Brilla Latinas first commercial alliance, the platform also announced a content, distribution, and commercial partnership with Latina investor Staci LaToison for her vodcast Her Money Moves. Every week, LaToison interviews noted entrepreneurs about their journey in business, careers, and investments. "Her Money Moves" is dedicated

to empowering women in the realms of finance, entrepreneurship, and innovation. On the show, Staci explores inspiring journeys, practical tips, and strategies to empower women and their financial futures.

Pitching Brilla Latina

To submit relevant story or event pitches to Brilla Latina, submit your email to

About Nuestro Stories

Nuestro Stories is the premier media brand of Latina-owned Brilla Media Ventures, and was founded with the premise of celebrating Latino heritage, history and origins every day.

We offer multicultural marketers engaging cultural content across our O&O platforms Nuestro Stories and Brilla Latina, programmatic ad tech services for scalable media delivery, influencer marketing, creative studios, and activations.

Nuestro Stories is led by Latino media pioneers Angela Sustaita-Ruiz and Manny Ruiz, creators of Hispanicize and co-founders of the Hispanic social media marketing, and influencer industries, the Latino press release wire industry, and the first network of Hispanic print media companies online.

About Brilla Latina

Brilla Latina, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nuestro Stories, is dedicated to enriching the lives of modern, bilingual and bicultural Latinas, 18-54, who cherish their culture, careers, and family. Powered by ad tech to deliver scalable media for multicultural brands, the daily web and social media platform covers lifestyle, career, beauty, family, entrepreneurship and entertainment with a practical, insightful approach that is optimistic.

Brilla Latina is the successor to, launched in 2015 by digital media veteran Sandra Ortiz-Jurez.

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