Shaggy To Chic Dog Grooming Expands to a Second Location, Featuring an In-House Pet Treat Bakery for Positively Pampered Pets

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Grimes, IA – Grooming for dogs provides many health benefits that may not be immediately obvious. Brushing ventilates the coat by removing old/damaged hair, encouraging healthy new growth. Grooming also opens the pores, allowing the skin to breathe, minimizing irritation, and promoting healthy blood circulation.

Shaggy To Chic understands the individuality of each pet to tailor all dog grooming appointments, where an experienced groomer works directly with clients to ensure pets get the best care possible. All appointments are one-on-one, encouraging the pet to bond with their groomer and feel comfortable when they arrive at the door. By expanding reach to their new location at 1861 SE Princeton Dr. Suite 400, Grimes, IA 50111, the dog groomer aims to bring services closer to their clients.

For a full body haircut, the groomers offer bath, blueberry facial, blowout, brush-out, teeth brushing, ear cleaning, nail grinding, and pattern cuts based on a dog’s needs. They cater to shedding dogs who need a mini groom/maintenance between haircuts and short-coated pups like Labrador Retrievers, Pit Bull Terriers, Beagles, Boston Terriers, and more.

Shaggy To Chic’s specialty haircuts are for dogs with long styles (1’+lengths), Asian Fusion, Breed Standard Cuts, or generally more labor-intensive/detailed attention that requires extra time from the groomer. As an add-on to full body haircut, mini groom, specialty cut, or bubble bath, clients can choose a de-shedding treatment, hair dye, and anal gland expression.

The new location includes a kitchen for baking pet treats and cakes decorated and made to order for a birthday or special day using pet-safe ingredients with no artificial colors. Additionally, clients can also purchase chew toys, tugs, plush toys, balls, mineral spa shampoos, brushes/clippers, earth-rated wipes/poop bags, leaders/harnesses, travel gear, and pieces of clothing, among others. All these are sourced from some of the most reputable brands in the market.

“I have a husky, and this is the only place that helps with the shedding, and they understand my dog’s breed and what needs doing when I take her. I’m so glad I was recommended this place. Great place to take your pets!” Christy, Satisfied Client.

While Shaggy To Chic may accept walk-ins at the new location, they can’t guarantee the availability of a groomer, so they encourage clients to call and check availability. They are open Sunday to Monday, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, and Tuesday to Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm.

About Shaggy to Chic

Shaggy To Chic is a premier pet grooming shop with experienced groomers who use the highest quality products to make pups feel at home. The dog groomer seeks to provide an enjoyable, relaxing spa day for all furry friends through personalized care and specialized attention, earning them many positive reviews.

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