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Interone Co., Ltd, a dynamic force in the LED lighting sector, marks its transformative journey since its inception in 2004. Distinguished as the trailblazer introducing LED modules to the Korean market, Interone has continually evolved, reshaping standards in both the local and global illumination landscape.

Standing as a vanguard in the LED industry, Interone proudly holds the title of the first in Korea to secure LED circuit parts and patents, earning international acclaim for its technical prowess and steadfast dedication to quality. The company positions itself as a catalyst in research and development, pushing the envelope of LED applications to herald a new era in both direct and indirect lighting markets.

Interone’s diverse product catalog encompasses avant-garde offerings such as LED modules, controllers, LED bars, flood LED lights (AC-Direct Drive), LED retrofit lamps, LED fluorescent lamps, and power supplies. Meticulously crafted, these products utilize components from reputable sources, including Samsung, LG, and original domestic chips, ensuring superior quality that resonates well with the market.

The company’s cutting-edge production line, equipped with a fully automated system, boasts an impressively minimal defect rate, underscoring Interone’s unwavering commitment to excellence. Collaborating intimately with partners, Interone places a premium on creating meaningful projects tailored to the unique needs of its clientele.

In a strategic move to enhance customer service and facilitate global outreach, Interone established its presence in the United States in August 2015. Headquartered in California, Interone USA serves as a nucleus for better engagement with customers in North America, reinforcing the company’s dedication to being a trendsetter in both domestic and global lighting markets.

“As we reflect on our journey, Interone takes pride in having illuminated numerous spaces and projects with our groundbreaking LED solutions. Our relentless commitment to quality, coupled with cutting-edge technology, positions us as a torchbearer in the industry. With the establishment of Interone USA, we eagerly anticipate broader global horizons, bringing our vision of brilliance to new landscapes,” remarked the Company’s spokesperson, Andy Hong.

About Interone Co., Ltd

Founded in 2004, Interone Co., Ltd is a pioneering manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Spearheading the introduction of LED modules in Korea, Interone is lauded for its technical brilliance and unwavering commitment to quality. The company’s versatile product range includes LED modules, controllers, LED bars, flood LED lights, retrofit lamps, fluorescent lamps, and power supplies. With a focus on innovation, Interone continues to lead the industry, crafting meaningful projects in collaboration with partners.

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