Mustaev’s Dedication to Timeless Excellence in the Beauty Industry

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Carving a distinctive path in the cosmetics realm since its establishment in 2009, MTMCO marked a significant moment with the introduction of the ‘MUSTAEV’ makeup brand in 2010. Mustaev brushes, celebrated by beauty bloggers and makeup enthusiasts, found their place in a market overflowing with foreign alternatives. However, Mustaev’s origins are deeply rooted in the heart of Cheongdam-dong.

Just as a knife is a chef’s essential tool and scissors are a stylist’s trusted companion, Mustaev understands the pivotal role of cosmetic tools and color products in the artistry of makeup. In the face of a market saturated with international offerings, Mustaev positions itself as a potential global cosmetics brand, promising unmatched Korean-style makeup tools and color cosmetics.

Cheongdam-dong, the epicenter of Korea’s beauty culture, acts as a vibrant canvas for countless makeup artists, making it the ideal birthplace for Mustaev. Each Mustaev product bears witness to the collaborative spirit and inspiration drawn from the dynamic ideas of makeup artists.

Guiding Mustaev’s odyssey is the visionary philosophy of CEO On Yun-seong. CEO On Yun-seong recognized early on that securing the favor of experts was the cornerstone of success.

CEO On Yun-seong, a former pharmacist turned entrepreneur, shared, “My background as a pharmacist propelled me into the world of cosmetics.” He elaborated, “Identifying a gap in Korea’s production of representative color products, I aspired to create truly authentic color cosmetics and makeup tools. Success, for me, meant establishing a company centered on creation.”

Rooted in the belief that earning expert recognition precedes consumer appeal, CEO On Yun-seong dedicates significant time to meticulously craft each product. Unlike industry counterparts following fleeting trends, Mustaev concentrates on developing the right products, a process involving extensive field testing, feedback collection, and multiple revision stages.

At the core of Mustaev’s innovation is the PCI (Personal Color Image) system, customizing colors to individual preferences. Mustaev takes pride in classifying colors, setting itself apart from the trend-driven commercial products prevalent in the market.

CEO On Yun-seong emphasized, “While staying attuned to fashion-forward cosmetics is crucial, we place immense importance on the fundamentals. Our products, developed in collaboration with experts, possess a universal appeal while staying true to the basics.”

Confident in their ability to compete globally, Mustaev meticulously crafts cosmetics using the highest quality materials, anticipating consumers to recognize and appreciate their intrinsic value.

CEO On Yun-seong stated, “Our aspiration is for consumers to perceive no difference between Mustaev brushes purchased today and those acquired a decade from now. In Korea, we aim to be the MAC or Bobbi Brown equivalent in the U.S.”

He added, “Just as there is a distinct difference in facial shapes between Westerners and Koreans, characterized by deep, three-dimensional eyes, Mustaev believes that makeup tools must align perfectly with the Korean face. We aspire to be a brand that authentically represents Korea with products tailored precisely for us.”

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