HydroGraph Clean Power seeing strong customer engagement for its “wonder material” graphene

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HydroGraph Clean Power CEO Stuart Jara joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share news the company has reported strong interest in its environmentally friendly, cost-effective processes for manufacturing high-purity graphene, hydrogen, and other strategic materials in bulk.

These processes are characterized by minimal energy consumption, the absence of chemicals or solutions, and zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Here are the key developments: Over the last quarter, HydroGraph Clean Power has seen significant interest from potential customers. The company has engaged with more than 55 potential customers and entered into 23 non-disclosure agreements (NDA) and testing agreements covering over 20 different applications. Additionally, 20 customers are currently conducting tests involving graphene in their end-user products.

HydroGraph Clean Power's customer pipeline includes some of the world's largest energy, oil, and lubricant companies, as well as multinational plastics and composite firms. Furthermore, innovative startups in the field of energy storage have shown interest in the company's offerings.

Collaborative work with customers and partners is ongoing to validate the value proposition of HydroGraph graphene. Some examples of successful tests include a 47% increase in charge acceptance rate for lead-acid batteries, an 80% decrease in wear of mechanical parts using graphene-based lubricants, and a 27% increase in the compressive strength of cement.

The company's focus remains on announcing additional results in various applications, such as resins, composites, thermoplastics, lubricants, anti-static and anti-corrosion materials.

HydroGraph Clean Power is also actively seeking additional partnerships to accelerate application development and advance discussions for the closure of its first major multi-year contract in 2024.

HydroGraph Clean Power's innovative and sustainable approach to materials manufacturing is gaining traction across various industries, offering promising solutions for enhancing performance and reducing environmental impact.

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