How Michael Chunys Took a Dentist from One Practice to 4 in Under 24 Months

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Michael Chunys is known throughout Australia as a leading online marketer, specialising in Google based lead generation. Through his website and Michael and his team help clients differentiate and grow their business.

One of the success stories is taking a dentist in Southern Adelaide from one dental practice to 4 practices in South Australia in under 24 months.

Michael said it was a combination of a top notch Google Ad campaign, combined with really good optimisation of the Google Map (GMB) and website SEO that covered not only dentistry, but the main money making keywords that people also Google. This ensured that the first practice was fully booked out before moving on to open a second Dental practice.

By being the most visible dentist for all of the minor services as well, the process became a rinse and repeat job each time Dr Shamy bought a new practice.

Now this all sounds impressive, going form one practice to 4 in less than 2 years. But it took collaboration between Michael Chunys marketing and Dr Shamy to be on the same page.

The purchases were staggered evenly, every few months, which allowed time for the marketing to kick in and be improved for each Dental Practice. Dr Shamy looked for existing dental practices that were undervalued often because they were not booked out as a direct result of poor marketing. His approach was simple. Buy the dental practice cheaply, get in the best marketing team. Build it up and then there are options to run it, or sell it. In this case he chose to keep the practices and add to them.

It’s a similar mindset to some of the wealthiest men on the planet. To buy an undervalued asset, improve it (In this case by marketing it well) and either sell it for a much larger return, or use it as a cash flow asset.

Dr Shamy had the same idea when he purchased undervalued dental practices, but the marketing was what gave him the confidence that value could be added to each of them.

The fact that they became in non competing regions of South Australia was also a bonus, which meant they could replicate marketing campaigns in that region, without cannibalising other practices he owned.

Michael and his team at have had great success over the past 12 years across over 200 different niches and industries. Helping hundreds of business owners over the past 12 years to get ahead.

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