Unlocking IPO Success: Insights from Jason Paltrowitz of OTC Markets Group

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OTC Markets Group EVP of Corporate Services Jason Paltrowitz joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share some compelling findings from a study conducted by the OTC Markets. This study aimed to evaluate the performance of all Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) that took place on the NASDAQ CM and NYSE AMEX markets in 2022, totaling 91 deals.

One striking aspect of the study was the snapshot of the market cap of these companies the day after the offering, which averaged at an impressive $213 million. However, a mere 28 days post-IPO, this average had dipped significantly to $102 million, and the current average currently rests at a more modest $56 million.

These figures underscore the dynamic nature of the market and the challenges these newly listed companies face in maintaining their initial valuations, as well as several crucial takeaways for companies contemplating an exchange raise.

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