Zion Clark, TRAN$PARENT, and 3ZY Labs Unite for XRP Ledger to Reform Foster Care

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Zion Clark, was born without legs and raised in foster care. He found confidence through competitive wrestling and was able to overcome extreme adversity. His ethos is that possibility is only a question of perspective. He is bringing this positive mindset and mission to help others into this NFT collection.

Details About The Proof Of Zion NFT On XRPL

The collection Proof Of Zion Built on The XRP Ledger features art inspired by Zions polarizing physique and acts as a reminder to everyone that anything is possible. Proof of Zion is a unique digital collectible that combines the power of blockchain and the inspiring story of Zion Clark, a world-class wrestler, netflix documentarian and Guinness book of world record holder, born without legs. The NFTs is an exclusive collection that commemorates Zion’s achievements and supports a philanthropic mission to reform the foster care system. By owning a Zion Clark NFT, users join an uplifting journey, contribute to charity, and gain access to an exclusive community.The digital collectible also features a charitable aspect where a portion of proceeds from the initial mint will go to special charities that support the foster care system. Proof Of Zion was awarded a creator grant from Ripple and is working on developing an exclusive NFT experience that will be one of the first ever NFTs on the XRP Ledger.

One Doesn’t Need Legs To Leave A Ripple On The World

Zion has teamed up with 3zylabs to launch this iconic collection. The NFT collection is a movement in and of itself that supports positive mental health, positivity and happiness. The mint will occur once the xrp vote has finished for xls-20D which enables NFTs on the XRP ledger. Zion’s herculean efforts hadn’t gone unnoticed as a Hollywood producer documented his journey during senior year. The film “Zion” garnered critical acclaim at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival (2018) and global media exposure (it’s currently available on Netflix). Zion will be making another short documentary for this NFT project and collectors with 10 or more nfts have the opportunity to be featured in the credits of the short film for their support.

Zion said “I’ve been interested in digital collectibles and the NFT community as a whole for a long time. This is an opportunity for me to grow my audience and do good for a cause that I care about.”


Joshua Leidolf, is the artist behind Proof Of Zion. The gallery award winning artist known as TRAN$PARENT is an American based entrepreneur, humanitarian, Nft/crypto enthusiast, world traveler and journalist. He is known in the art community as the father of transparent luxury currency and commodity art.

Residing in the Ft Lauderdale/Miami area, painting and drawing since an early age, collecting rare international currency and exploring creative photography in over 50 countries in his lifetime, he always had the dream of making the world’s currency as vibrant as the people who use it. He always felt like art should evolve with the times and with the people, so he set out to do something revolutionary that no other artist on the planet was doing.

He specializes in museum quality, ultra-fine transparent currency and commodity art from all over the world. Depicting the front of the bill, the back of the bill and all of the hidden security features located in the middle of the bill in his breathtaking works. This effect is used as a metaphor for him to spread his message of the importance of truth and transparency especially while making one’s living. To date, he has created every American denomination from the $1 to the $100,000 bill, international pieces like Euros, Pounds, Swiss Francs, Shekels, Pesos, Yens, Yuans, etc and multiple credit card, antique coins, historical documents, maps and crypto currency pieces as well.

His works are presented in major galleries across the US and Europe and a few of his collectors include Sir Richard Branson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Post Malone, Guy Fieri, DJ Khaled, Steve Aoki, Manny Pacquaio, Dwyane Wade, Pitbull, Nick and Joey Bosa, Akon and the Bugatti family. Those interested can see more of his works on his IG @transparentartist his Twitter @transparentart5 or on his website www.transparentartist.com

TRAN$PARENT has also donated his art, energy and effort to more than 25 reputable charities including: The American Cancer Society, The Alzheimer’s Association, Kids in Distress, The Boys and Girls Club, The Special Olympics and charities to feed and educate underprivileged

children in Haiti, Mexico and the Domenican Republic, to name a few. “Be Kind, Be Passionate, Be Confident, Be TRAN$PARENT!”

How To Purchase

NFTs on the XRP Ledger require a xumm wallet. Individuals can download a xumm wallet and purchase an NFT directly on proofofzion.com. If one is new to the ledger, 3zy Labs is a partner in the project and they can join their discord or message their twitter page to have any questions answered.

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