World Malaria Day 2019: Be safe our Kids Health, here are some simple hacks to prevent malaria

When we are encompassed by blood-sucking mosquitoes who are fit for tainting us with Malaria, it just makes sense to take precautions. As is commonly said, counteractive action is superior to fix. Malaria is a life-threatening, mosquito-borne blood ailment caused when the female mosquito bites and infects the human body. While we can’t totally keep away from mosquito bites, some basic way of lifestyle changes can shield us from getting bitten by these insects.

“As of now, there is no pre-vaccination for malaria available. The best way to stay safe is by taking protective measures. Also, if in case you notice symptoms like high fever, chills, headache, nausea, vomiting, muscle pain and fatigue consult an expert for proper treatment, ” said Dr Monika Mahajan, Associate Director, Max Healthcare.

Here are some simple tips and tricks to avoid malaria:

Clean surrounding – The initial move towards preventing malaria fever is to look after cleanliness. Ensure your house is wiped with disinfectant consistently and the overabundance water around you treated at the most earliest.

Wear full clothes – Wear light coloured full sleeves or legs garments that spread the vast majority of your body to avoid mosquito bites.

Keep the doors and windows shut – Do not give mosquitoes a chance to enter your home. Keep the entryways and windows shut, particularly amid the evening. Because that’s when mosquitoes tend to enter and hide in the dark corners of your house.

Maintain a strong immune system – Consuming a healthy diet and drinking heaps of fluids are the most effortless approaches to accomplish a strong immune system that can battle infection.

Avoid street food – It can be difficult to oppose those lips making street food items yet to repel yourself from the contamination, opt for freshly cooked and steaming hot food instead.

Mosquito repellents – Repellents creams, sprays, and bug spray treated nets are take neighborly and effective tools to stay away from presentation to mosquitoes, keep them convenient.

Natural remedies – If you are allergic to chemicals compounds that are in mosquito anti-agents, utilize characteristic solutions for remain ensured. Garlic and rosemary have mosquito larvicidal properties. Make your own common mosquito repellent shower by bubbling pounded garlic clove. Fill the solution in a splash jug and shower around to avoid mosquito chomps. Sweet-smelling plants – Plants with a strong aroma are something mosquitoes don’t like. So, grow rosemary, marigold, mint or lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away.

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