Spinning for a reason at Trybe Fitness

There wasn’t an empty seat within the Trybe Fitness spin studio on Penn Avenue.

This wasn’t any standard spin class, the riders were exercising to profit Scranton’s Women’s Resource Center.

Notwithstanding their class fee, all 20 riders were approached to bring a full-size ladies’ toiletry.

Before they wriggled their sneakers into the toe cages of a spin bike they dropped the toiletry or a monetary donation into this box.

“As a woman that just means so much that all these people are coming out to help our little local organization and our local studio helping that community,” said Alexandra Hart, Trybe Fitness Instructor.

Alexandra teaches a few classes every week at the studio.

Her sibling Edward made his debut spinning on turntables as her live DJ.

“Some Coldplay, Alexandras really into EDM and she like the Chainsmokers,” Edward said. “So I mixed some of that into there but the playlist is all Alexandra I’m just the one mixin the music.”

“The idea was to bring the DJ and then bring the charity aspect,” Alexandra said.

Typically in Alexandra’s spin class, she asks ride to cycle with a physical goal in mind surmounting a hill or perhaps going a particular number of miles. Saturday the goal was somewhat extraordinary.

“It’s a feeling that’s what I want you to get with the music and the lights and you came here today to do good so it should just be a good day I want everyone to feel great,” Alexandra said.

The class was 45 minutes of heart-pumping sweat dripping cycling powered by a decent aim.

“Alexandra kicks our butt normally,” said participant Olivia Alegrucci. “Today I burned 700 calories and normally I burn 550!”

The siblings called the occasion “Hart 2 Heart,” an idea they plan to proceed at Trybe; people can contact the studio on the off chance that they or their charity might want to band together with them.

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