Specialists state influenza is the greater danger to Middle Tennesseans than Coronavirus

Updates on a Tennessee Tech student being tried for the Coronavirus has concerned the community of Cookeville. Authorities are paying attention to the dangerous virus, in any case, doctors caution that this season’s flu virus is as yet the greatest risk to Middle Tennesseans’ health.

The 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) is a respiratory ailment that was first recognized in China. Many individuals in China have died from the disease.

There are only two affirmed instances of coronavirus in the United States, yet more than 60 individuals have been tested for the ailment, including a Tennessee Tech University student. Health authorities declared Friday night the student tested negative for the virus.

“Because of his recent travel history and his mild symptoms, we checked the boxes for starting the protocol for testing,” Tennessee Tech spokeswoman Karen Lykins said.

In any case, while local, state and government specialists wait for those test outcomes, specialists caution that influenza is a greater risk.

“In comparison to flu, this coronavirus at the end of this season is a little blip on the horizon. Flu is much more of concern to us as regards real illness,” Vanderbilt University Medical Center infectious disease expert Dr. William Schaffner said. “There’s another respiratory virus that’s out there – not only in Tennessee – but across the whole country that’s going to put many thousands of people into the hospital and I’m afraid cause thousands of deaths. That old friend is the influenza virus. Now influenza is so familiar to us, it breeds, if not contempt at least nonchalance. But that’s the more hazardous one.”

Schaffner said the most ideal approach to battle the flu, and thusly the coronavirus, is good hygiene.

“Now it’s important that we pay attention to hand hygiene, just as your mother said, wash your hands frequently soap and water,” Schaffner said.

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