Local specialist says seniors are more susceptible to complications of the flu

As they keep on being in top influenza season, in excess of 360 individuals in Clark County have been hospitalized and four seniors, ages 65 and up, have passed on.

December is the most noticeably terrible month for influenza exposure.

One specialist says he has determined around 100 patients to have seasonal influenza at a few areas in the Las Vegas valley just in the most recent week.

Around 70 percent of them were seniors, age 60 and up.

Curtis Mack says he’s had influenza just once in his life.

“I was sick as a dog, didn’t like it,” he said. “So, ever since then, I’ve been getting my flu shot religiously.”

He says some portion of the explanation he’s ready to remain solid is heading off to the specialist routinely, similar to his visit on Tuesday.

“To get my flu shot and get my pain medicine,” said Mack.

Dr. Rakesh Kalra, a therapeutic executive at HealthCare Partners, says not the sum total of what seniors have been getting their influenza shot.

“We haven’t had many as seniors as before compared to last year getting their flu shots,” he said. “So, therefore, it may be an indicator in the rise of flu cases this year.”

So far this influenza season, in excess of 100 individuals age 65 and up have been hospitalized for this season’s flu virus in Clark County.

Four have passed on.

Dr. Kalra says one explanation this season’s flu virus turns destructive is that seniors are progressively powerless to difficulties of influenza.

“Such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and their immune will compromise usually because they have so many chronic medical conditions that they’re more at risk for developing those complications of the flu,” he said.

One truth amazing to a few, Dr. Kalra says since they’re solid doesn’t really mean seasonal influenza will pass them by.

“A healthy senior who is 65 and older has the same risk factor in developing the flu as a not as healthy senior who’s older the age of 65,” he said.

Along these lines, Dr. Kalra’s best exhortation is to pursue Mack’s lead and get this season’s cold virus shot.

“It makes me kind of think, I don’t want to die if I don’t take a flu shot,” said Mack.

Beside getting this season’s cold virus shot, another way Dr. Kalra says people can reduce their odds of getting this season’s flu virus is to wash their hands.

Also, at that point ensure individuals who have this season’s cold virus around they are covering their mouths and noses since coughs and sneezes spread the infection.

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