Coronavirus and the flu: New drug might be medication’s next huge thing

A year ago, 34,000 individuals died of influenza. The current year’s influenza season isn’t finished, however, it is on course to be one of the most noticeably awful in 10 years. Add to that the fears surrounding the fatal coronavirus, which are keeping infectious disease experts on high alarm. Presently, a group of researchers has discovered a new drug that may leave flu and coronavirus in their tracks.

“I couldn’t move, and I had a high fever of over a hundred and that stayed the same for three days,” Robert Cox, Ph.D., a post-doctoral researcher at Georgia State University, said.

Cox knows first-hand how miserable the flu can be. Presently he deals with a Georgia State University research group testing a next-generation drug against the flu called EIDD 2801. The drug works by focusing on a catalyst expected to replicate the influenza infection in the body.

Cox told Ivanhoe, “It looks so much like a regular nucleotide to the virus that it can’t find a way to distinguish between it and other ones.”

Permitting the drug to sneak pass the virus and prevent it from duplicating.

“So, it stops the application process so the virus cannot produce new genomes that then can be packaged into new viral particles,” Richard Plemper, Ph.D., professor at Georgia State University.

Some antiviral drugs right now accessible available, for example, Tamiflu, have been seen as ineffective against certain strains of the flu virus. In any case, with tests on ferrets, this new drug proves to be effective against all strains.

“Even after extensive adaptation to our compound, we could not identify any resistance mutations,” Plemper said.

Also, this drug may even be optimized to battle the coronavirus, which has outperformed 1500 deaths until now.

“Colleagues of ours testing the same drug against coronavirus have shown this good activity,” Plemper explained.

Plemper says human preliminaries for this drug could begin as right on time as Summer 2020. Just before the next flu season.

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