Australians cautioned they will not be able to FLY with flu symptoms

Australians planning to travel abroad this winter may need to reschedule on the off chance that they have influenza after a warning was issued to travellers.

Airlines have said symptoms such as a fever, cough and aches/pains are signs a passenger shouldn’t be travelling.

The Qantas Group medical leeway frames have cautioned: ‘Travel [is] not appropriate for those showing clear indications of flu.’

A Jetstar spokesperson revealed to Daily Mail Australia, infectious and contagious diseases ought to keep travelers from travelling.

On the off chance that clients have an illness that could make it dangerous for them to make a trip we expect them to tell us.’

A traveler who has a medical condition and intends to fly is expected to complete a medical travel clearance form.

‘Under Qantas Group Medical Travel Clearance customers with diseases that may be be contagious are unable to travel unless they have clearance from a doctor,’ the spokesperson said.

In any case, the carrier won’t generally know that somebody is unwell on the off chance that they don’t announce it or have clear sign.

Influenza virologist at The University of Queensland, Dr Kirsty Short, said banning travellers from flying wouldn’t eliminate the problem as people can catch then flu at airports.

It is anything but a highly contrasting circumstance. How might you define who has the flu,’ she said.

‘It is better to create public awareness rather than legislate. However it is strongly recommended if you have the flu not to fly.’

‘If you do travel, make sure you stay hydrated, wash your hands and throw away any tissues you use,’ Dr Short said.

NSW Health has urged Australians to get immunized so as to ensure themselves as influenza cases are doubling.

There have been 856 affirmed influenza cases in the most recent week, which is 44 more than the earlier week.

Dr Vicky Sheppeard, Director of Communicable Diseases Branch for NSW Health, said flu season has started earlier then expected.

‘Nearly every state and territory is seeing unusually high levels of flu activity with the national reporting rate almost three times the average for this time of year,’ Dr Sheppeard said.

There were 7584 recorded influenza cases in NSW amid the hotter months.

Likewise prior this year, a measles cautioning was issued to Jetstar and Virgin travelers after one explorer tried positive.

Since December 2018, there have been 36 people diagnosed with the disease in NSW alone, the majority being travellers who entered the country.

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