Sophie Summers Is Back With a Mesmerizing Release ‘Why Do I Still Love You’

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Sophie Summers

With charming tunes and prolific wordplay, Sophie Summers sultrysong release ‘Why Do I Still Love You’ will win hearts. Listen to her incredible song release now.

Los Angeles, California Apr 4, 2024 ( – Get soaked in the compelling musical vibes of Sophie Summers. Her sensual release Why Do I Still Love Yougets you into the hero’s journey and reflective complexities of love. Sophie has won the hearts of many and has shown her audience through her music the intricacies of love and how to cherish the bond of overcoming failure. The song opens up with soothing music followed by a melancholic violin portion and as her charming vocals start every listener is bound to understand the graciousness of her vocals. The engaging narrative finds enchantment with her beautiful voice.

Born and raised in Southern California, she is a born star maintaining her musical journey with some of the most unique yet powerful statures. Sophie Summers has always been a music lover and she first became a part of the church choir she also sang in many weddings and finally she went to a voice school, afterwards she became a singing teacher, and she continued her journey being a part of the church. But, soon after that she met with the love of her life, and making music, and writing songs became an integral of her daily life. She is always talented but, now she also found focus in her journey and is a constant motivator.

Valley Girl, Sophie has always admired the works of Duran Duran, Michael Jackson, and Madonna and she always tried to keep her musical individuality alive in her numbers. ‘Why Do I Still Love You’ is one of her most beautiful releases that will win your heart. She also has offered incredible numbers like ‘Push Comes 2 Shove’ and ‘Pleasure in the Madness’. Her music feels like a breath of fresh air and one who has been looking for good music must listen to her songs. She is incredible. To know more about her music and her upcoming release, find her on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter.

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