Vajra Coffee Offers The Healthiest Fresh Roasted Organic High Mountain Grown Specialty Grade Coffee in the World.

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Awakening  Pure Organic Medium Roast Coffee Single Origin Ethically Sourced From Peru

Vajra Coffee, owned by father and son team Brett and Sean Rosen, innovators in the coffee industry, proudly announces its exclusive range of the world’s healthiest and finest organic, high mountain grown, specialty grade coffees.

Monterey, California Jan 18, 2024 ( – Vajra Coffee ( Located in Monterey, California sells the finest organic, high mountain grown, specialty grade coffee beans. Our profile specific fresh roasting process enhances the concentration of polyphenols and other nutrients as well as the bio-availability of these compounds, contributing to the overall health benefits and exceptional flavor of the coffee beans they offer.

The name Vajra Coffee is inspired by the Vajra being an ancient symbol of Indestructible Wisdom, Compassion and Equanimity. “These are the principles we have built our Coffee company on.”

Our vision at Vajra Coffee is to elevate the coffee drinking experience by merging unparalleled taste with unmatched health benefits, said Sean Rosen of Vajra Coffee. “Our organic, specialty grade, high mountain grown coffee beans are not only superior in flavor but are cultivated and roasted in a way that ensures the highest nutritional value, delivering a truly distinctive coffee experience.”

The exclusive range of coffee beans includes Tranquility: (Organic Decaf Medium Roast, Single Origin Peru), Vitality: (Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin Uganda), Awakening: (Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin Peru), and Awareness: (Organic Medium Roast, Single Origin Mexico).

Grown at high altitudes, are coffee beans develop more slowly, resulting in a denser, richer bean that captures unique flavors and aromas” Coffee beans grown at high altitudes is a crucial part of our process,” explained Brett, Agricultural Expert at Vajra Coffee. “These conditions allow the beans to develop a complexity of flavors and aromas that can’t be replicated at lower elevations, making each cup a true journey of taste.”

At Vajra Coffee our commitment to health and quality is evident. Our coffee beans are specifically roasted to be rich in polyphenols along with other vital bioactive compounds like trigonelline, diterpenes, and melanoidins. These compounds contribute to health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart and liver diseases and preventing neurodegenerative disorders.

Our mission is to provide coffee that not only tastes exceptional but also enhances your overall well being. We take pride in our specialty grade rating, which signifies the highest quality in the coffee industry. It’s a testament to our dedication to offering our customers an exceptional product.

In redefining the traditional coffee experience, Vajra Coffee stands at the forefront for those who appreciate both the health benefits and the exquisite taste of organic, high mountain grown, specialty grade coffee.

About Vajra Coffee:
Vajra Coffee specializes in organic high mountain grown specialty grade coffee, focusing on health benefits and superior taste. Committed to quality and customer well-being, Vajra Coffee is redefining the coffee experience for those who want the healthiest finest tasting coffee in the world.

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The Healthiest and Finest Organic High Mountain Grown Specialty  Grade Coffee in the WorldThe Vajra is an Ancient Symbol of Indestructible Wisdom Compassion and Equanimity

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