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Blackbird PLC (AIM:BIRD, OTCQX:BBRDF) CEO Ian McDonough visits the Proactive London studio to speak with Thomas Warner about progress with, the technology company's new end-to-end video and audio content creation platform.

McDonough announces that Blackbird is "bang on schedule" with the new product and moving into early access ahead of a launch planned for Q1 next year. He explains that the product is designed for the creator economy, offers an end-to-end solution and is built on Blackbirds robust architecture.

Highlighting the unique selling points (USP) of their new offering, McDonough emphasises the platform's user-friendly nature, which includes live multiplayer capabilities, browser-based access, and a plugin architecture. This setup is designed to alleviate common issues faced by content creators, such as cumbersome collaboration and rigid, complex software.

The platform also allows for potential integrations of AI and community-developed functionalities. McDonough points out the substantial market opportunity, citing a Goldman Sachs report that values the creator economy at $250 billion, expected to double by 2027. Blackbird is targeting a specific segment within this market: professional content creators and high-end YouTubers, a sector ready to adopt new, more flexible tools.

He also touches on Blackbird's existing product, which has been used in major events like the Rugby World Cup and the Ryder Cup, and is prevalent across global news organisations and TV networks. The company is investing in enhancing this platform to align with their new product,, focusing on improving user experience.

Concluding the interview, McDonough expresses confidence in Blackbird's technology, team, and market readiness, positioning the company to capitalise on a significant market opportunity.

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