Solana Price Rallies, Dogecoin Struggles At $0.0600 While Everlodge Prepares for Massive Rally

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In the recent crypto market rally, Solana (SOL) continues to be a standout performer while Dogecoin (DOGE) struggles with the $0.0600 level. Everlodge is another top beneficiary of the bullish market, with analysts expecting a massive rally soon.

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Solana Price Skyrockets, a Rally Above $30?

Despite the growing FUD surrounding the liquidation of FTX, the Solana coin (SOL) continues to be a top-performing crypto. The price of Solana has increased by 30.5% on the monthly chart to set a new high of $29.41 in October.

According to an IntoTheBlock analyst, the worries of investors about FTX were overblown by the rally. They further explain that a SOL/ETH breakout contributed to the rising Solana price. Also, the rising activity on the Solana network and the massive influx of funds from institutional investors contributed to the rally.

With a major tech upgrade happening for Solana, the SOL price could continue to rise. If SOL holds the $29.00 support in the coming days, its price is expected to rally to the $35 resistance. However, a drop below this level could see Solana retest the $25 support level.

Dogecoin Price Rallies, Breaks Past The $0.0600 Resistance

The leading meme coin, Dogecoin (DOGE), has seen some gains in the recent market rally, but not as profound as Solanas. The rally has seen the price of Dogecoin increase to $0.067718 and has convincingly flipped the $0.0600 resistance to support.

This level was critical as it repositioned the sentiment of Dogecoin on the multi-year chart. If DOGE holds at current support in the coming weeks, it could trigger a rally above the 30-day and 200-day exponential moving averages (EMAs).

Breaking above this level will see the price of Dogecoin surge as high as $0.0835. When this happens, the popular cryptocurrency analyst, Ali Martinez, has predicted that Dogecoin could rally as high as $1 as it would then be in bull territory.

Everlodge Projected To Lead the Crypto Market Rally

Amidst the strong performance of Solana and Dogecoin, it is Everlodge that has caught the attention of crypto investors. This is because Everlodge has links to one of the biggest global markets real estate which was valued at over $280 trillion in 2022.

Everlodge is building the worlds first decentralized property marketplace. On this marketplace, investors will browse through luxury villas, vacation homes, and hotels from top locations across the world. While these properties are naturally expensive, Everlodge adopts a unique co-ownership model to reduce the barrier to entry.

Every property listed on the platform will be tokenized. Their ownership information will be locked on the metadata of the NFT representing them. To reduce the cost of each property, Everlodge will adopt NFT fractionalization. Each property will be split into fractions representing shares which cost only $100.

This model will make real estate investment more accessible and cheaper. Hence, crypto analysts have predicted that Everlodges native token, ELDG, has the potential to lead the next bull market, with a rally of up to 35x. ELDG now trades at $0.023 per token in its sixth presale stage.

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