Iraq War Veteran Matthew Fecteau Files Federal Lawsuit Against the City of Mount Vernon for Civil Rights Violations

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Mount Vernon, New York Oct 23, 2023 ( – Matthew J. Fecteau, a highly decorated Iraq War veteran, has filed a federal lawsuit against the City of Mount Vernon, New York, in a passionate pursuit of justice and protection of the rights of all residents and members of the community. These alleged violations touch upon the First, Fourth, Fifth, and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution, a battle that seeks to empower those in the community who often go unheard and experience repression by the government.

In a courageous move, Mr. Fecteau has chosen to be the voice for those who don’t have one, fighting against what he perceives as a persistent pattern of rights violations within the City of Mount Vernon. Both the Mount Vernon Police Department and the Mount Vernon Department of Buildings stand accused of consistently engaging in a series of illegal actions over several months, escalating each time Fecteau sought government intervention. His repeated attempts to address these issues through formal complaints, emails, phone calls, and visits to the police station eventually led to his homelessness, highlighting the alleged failure of the City of Mount Vernon to fulfill its legal obligations, including the duty to step in when Constitutional Rights are at stake.

Remarkably, the Defendants are accused of actively infringing upon Fecteau’s Constitutional Rights even during periods when he was away on military duty, safeguarding the very rights they were alleged to have violated. As a highly decorated Iraq War veteran, he boldly asserts his right to defend himself in accordance with the law.

The lawsuit is not just about one individual’s rights; it’s a powerful symbol of the broader struggle for justice and the protection of the community’s rights. Fecteau’s actions are a testament to the strength of community members who refuse to be silenced and demand that their voices be heard. The City of Mount Vernon, according to the lawsuit, bears responsibility for the continuous infringement of rights by its officers and inspectors. Fecteau’s fight shines a light on these alleged issues, ensuring that those who are often repressed have an advocate in their corner.

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