The 2023 International Conference on Education Innovation: Redefining Learning Trends with AI

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TAIPEI, TAIWAN – Media OutReach – 20 October 2023 – The rapid development of artificial intelligence in recent years has opened the way for AI to revolutionize learning. The most talked-about education-related topic in 2023 is how AI and other examples of cutting-edge technology can change the way we teach our children. Concurrently, interdisciplinary learning that revolves around urban centers is also catching on around the world thanks to its culturally rich, explorative nature.

The main theme of the 2023 International Conference on Education Innovation, hosted by CommonWealth Education Media & Publishing, was "AI x Education: Redefining Learning". The topics of discussion focused on education goals, learning methods, and a deep dive into "why we learn" in the era of AI. In addition to the insightful discourse on global education trends, an exciting new program in this year's forum was the series of individual seminars that zeroed in on specific concepts, such as career planning, hands-on learning, and OPEN365, an invigorating new approach to improving education with outside-the-box thinking. The aim of the conference was to inject new ideas into Taiwan's education innovation ecosystem, so that it may have a lasting effect on the education system.

Nearly a thousand parents and education workers participated in the annual extravaganza. A special highlight of the conference was the talk on "The World is Your School: Making Learning Fun with Technology", which saw Teachers Lead Tech founder Monika Katkute sharing success stories from Lithuania, in which EdTech helped students expand their understanding of the world.

Hsiao-Yue Tsao, Chair of the Graduate Institute of Interactive Media Design at National Taipei University of Technology, spoke about cooperation between businesses and academia that aims to advance technological education. With her guidance, participants were able to experience the new era of the Metaverse, as well as inspiring new applications in AR, VR, and XR tech that showcased the creativity and diversity of Taiwan's education scene.

Taiwan's booming EdTech industry was another area of great interest, as speakers shared case studies about how AI was used to teach students to play Go, the contribution of robots and the Internet of things (IoT) on campuses, interactive online courses, the utilization of tech to promote aesthetic education for children, etc. The rich tapestry of seminars and exhibitions allowed participants to witness live demonstrations on how AI and technology can be integrated into learning. The audience was wowed by different tech applications and how technology can turn the world of education on its head while creating new business opportunities. The proposed end goal is to change the methods of "teaching" and "learning" so that the ideal of "Personalized Learning" can become reality.

The 2023 International Conference on Education Innovation hosted by CommonWealth Education Media & Publishing will continue to use its media influence to build new platforms for education innovation. Through in-depth dialogue and the free sharing of ideas, it is hoped that the education ecosystem will thrive and bring about greater cooperation between academia and the private sector.

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