Shared Moonlight, Shared MEI! Moutai Celebrates Mid-Autumn Festival with International Marketing Activities!

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Newyork-There are many Chinese verses about the Mid-Autumn Festival. “Over the sea, the moon shines bright. Far apart, we have the same moonlit night.”; “Only waiting for the moon to rise to appreciate it together with you from miles away, we wish each other a long life to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight.”; “Dew turned into frost since tonight; the moon viewed at home is brighter.” The Mid-Autumn Festival bears beautiful and special meanings to all Chinese people around the globe and all those who love Chinese culture.

International distributors of Moutai carried out various international marketing activities with the theme, “Shared Moonlight, Shared MEI” during the Mid-Autumn Festival of 2023 to better celebrate the festival with the world, to keep promoting the integrated innovation of Moutai culture and the excellent traditional Chinese culture, and to display Moutai’s “MEI” of reunion to the world.


Cultural Integration, Mutual Learning between China and the West

Centering on Moutai’s “five-dimensional esthetics”, Greek distributors launched a Moutai product-tasting event that integrated the cultural features of both China and Greece in Athens. Accompanied by tasty liquor, delicious food, art, and poetry, the present guests practiced calligraphy, appreciated paintings, recited poems, watched dance performances, and tasted liquor and delicacies, composing a new chapter in the cultural exchanges between China and Greece.


Appreciate the Full Moon while Tasting Moutai, and Pray for Blessing at the Mid-Autumn Festival

Though miles apart, we are under the same sky and appreciating the same moon. Japanese distributors held a Moutai product-tasting event entitled “Full Moon in Japan, Savor the Chinese Baijiu” on the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival. There were Moutai products for display, and mooncakes and Moutai cocktails for the guests to taste at the dinner party. The guests enjoyed the tasty drinks and food while appreciating the full moon. What’s more, “Moutai fans” in Japan spontaneously put on traditional costumes and strolled in the Sensoji Temple with Moutai products in hand, sending best wishes to the visitors on behalf of Moutai.

South Africa

Infinite Aroma, Peace at Full Moon

When the moon is full, it is time for family reunions. South African distributors held a Mid-Autumn dinner party in Johannesburg to show South African friends the unique charm of Chinese Moutai products and the connotations of traditional Chinese culture. The distributors introduced the techniques of distilling and the ways of tasting Moutai products, as well as the Chinese Baijiu culture represented by Moutai to the guests. The exquisite food and the unique Moutai products enabled the guests to feel the grace, elegance, and appeal of Moutai products while delivering the good meanings of Mid-Autumn and Moutai’s “MEI” culture to more friends overseas.

New Zealand

Raise a Glass to the Full Moon, Taste the Sweet Mooncake with Deep Affection

Eating the mooncake is like chewing the moon. There’s crispness and sweetness within. Eating mooncakes while appreciating the full moon is a Chinese tradition for the Mid-Autumn Festival. Zelanian distributors provided international friends with an opportunity to experience the fun of making mooncakes by themselves in the “Moutai Mooncake Workshop”, and vividly interpreted the quality products and services of Moutai to its fans, making a contribution to facilitating the exchanges and prosperity of drinking cultures around the globe.


Love at Mid-Autumn, No Fun without Liquor

Mozambican distributors invited the elite from all walks of life to a Mid-Autumn liquor-tasting event. The present guests had a better understanding of Moutai’s ingenuity and cultural accumulation during the event. They experienced the integration of Moutai products and culture as well as the inheritance of history and feelings while tasting the fine Moutai products.


Sincere Wishes for the Mid-Autumn Festival

Even mountains and seas cannot distance people with common aspirations. Estonian distributors sent local “Moutai fans” sincere wishes for the festival. Under the same full moon, people reunited and celebrated the Mid-Autumn Festival together with the “MEI” of Moutai.

Mid-Autumn is a festival of reunion. It reflects numerous families’ pursuit of better lives, which happens to agree with Moutai’s mission of “distilling a better life”. Moutai’s international distributors have been “MEI”-oriented, digging into the profound cultural connotations of festivals, expanding overseas marketing forms, and innovating means of overseas publicity activities. They have shown the world the Chinese Baijiu culture represented by Moutai and the infinitely charming excellent traditional Chinese culture. Together with its international distributors, Moutai will keep exploring new paths for the international expression of its “MEI” culture and let the world see the brilliant connotations of the “MEI” of Moutai, China in the future.

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