In-depth Analysis of the Global Electrolyte Solution Market: Trends and Forecast

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Electrolytes are the essential constituents of body fluids without which the numerous cells in the body cannot function optimally. Body cells perform their functions by sending signals through a coordinated movement of electrolytes in and out of the cells. The movement of electrolytes ensures that there is a maintenance of balance within normal ranges of concentration. Electrolytes serve to balance fluids in the body, maintain proper pH of the blood, and carry electrical signals from nerves to muscles. Electrolyte depletion or low electrolytes is treated by replacing the lost electrolytes through increased intake of dietary sources, oral medications/supplements, or drips and injections. Rising consumer health consciousness is expected to drive the growth of the global electrolyte solution market. Sportspersons are especially projected to register higher demand as they tend to be more aware that drinking water alone cannot suffice for all the mineral requirements of the body.

An Increasing Number of Cases of Diarrhoea and Other Food-borne Diseases Uphold Electrolyte Solution Market

The increasing need to control dehydration amid the surging instances of diarrhoea is a major driving factor for the electrolyte solution market. During diarrhoea, water and electrolytes (sodium, chloride, potassium, and bicarbonate) are lost in a variety of ways such as vomit, liquid stools, urine, sweat, and respiration. As a result, there is an obvious need to treat the dehydration that occurs because of diarrhoea. Each year, around 4 billion instances of diarrhoea are reported worldwide, with diarrhoea killing roughly 525,000 children under the age of five, annually. Increasing prevalence of diarrhoea worldwide will thus sustain the revenue generation in the electrolyte solution market.

Ascending cases of food-borne diseases is another strong factor accounting for demand surge in the electrolyte solution market. Dietary changes, increased use of commercial food services, new means of producing and distributing food, new or re-emerging infectious foodborne agents, and an increase in the number of persons at high risk of serious or deadly foodborne infections are some major factors driving foodborne diseases. Every year, 7.69 per cent (600 million) of the worlds population (7.8 billion) suffer from foodborne diseases, and foodborne illnesses account for 7.5 per cent (420,000 deaths) of all deaths (56 million). The growing number of food-borne diseases is rising the diarrhoea-related problems, thus driving the growth of the market.

PET Packaging Dominant

According to packaging, the PET bottles segment accounted for most of the global electrolyte drinks market share in the forecast period and is expected to continue to dominate the market during the projected period. PET bottles are the most often used packaging material by beverage industries worldwide. Since the advent of technological improvements in PET bottles, the PET bottle business has grown significantly. The introduction of new technologies is expected to boost the growth of PET bottles in the electrolyte drinks market over the forecast period. The growing desire for sustainable packaging solutions is expected to boost segment sales. Manufacturers are launching customised solutions based on end user requirements, which will fuel segment expansion.

North America will Acquire a Majority of Revenue Share Banking on a Number of Budding Start-ups

The growing demand for electrolyte mixes in North America has been spurred by the rising consumption of ready-to-drink beverages and a strong desire for functional drinks. New companies are filling the gaps that MNCs fail to cover, and the overall market size has been expanding as new players enter the market and capture market share through product developments. Several start-ups introduced their versions of electrolyte mixes to the market, catching the attention of the behemoths. This has also boosted the regions electrolyte mixes market. Sugarbreak debuted their electrolyte mix Energize in the United States in 2022. The product contains no added sugars and adequate quantities of electrolytes such as potassium and sodium without any carbohydrates. Therefore, with the growing number of start-ups in this field in the region, the electrolyte solution market will flourish in the region in the coming years.

Asia Pacific is likely to grow significantly because of changing lifestyles and rising disposable income.

This expansion is evidenced by rising health and wellness consciousness and a big client base throughout the region. As the number of professionals develops, countries such as India, and China contribute considerably to market growth. Government support regulations will further boost the growth of electrolyte solution market. Attendees at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations convention in 2020 applauded the success of the Philippine tax, which helped reduce sweetened beverage consumption by an average of 6.5 per cent. Sugar taxes are being discussed in six countries, including Australia and Indonesia. Such effort from the government of various countries in the region will propel the growth of the market.

Global Electrolyte Solution Market: Competitive Landscape

Companies in the industry are releasing new goods and forming collaborations, alliances, and partnerships. In February 2022, Gatorade introduced Gatorade Fit, a new electrolyte sports drink. Bolt24, a trial product issued almost three years ago to test the market, will be replaced by the new product. The beverage package features the label claim, Healthy Real Hydration and is aimed at people who prefer not to consume energy drinks with added sugar. The product is sweetened with stevia and is available in five different flavours. In February 2021, The Coca-Cola Company introduced Smartwater+, a new product range under its Smartwater brand. With this new variety of three different tastes and three separate functional claims, the business plans to enter the area of mental-aid beverages. The product was created following thorough research into customer lives and identifying answers through components to boost wellness.

A few of the players in the global electrolyte solution market include The Coca-Cola Company, Pepsico, Inc., The Kraft Heinz Company, Pedialyte (Abbott Laboratories), PURE Sports Nutrition, the Vita Coco Company, Inc., SOS Hydration, Inc., Drinkwel, LLC, NOOMA, and Kent Corporation.

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