Miracle Cash&More Makes Strategic Acquisition of Metaterra Corp, Paving the Way for Global Expansion

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Miracle CashMore Acquires Metaterra

Funchal, Madeira Oct 16, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Miracle Cash&More, a leading player in the ever-changing financial scene, has made a giant stride towards worldwide prominence with the successful acquisition of Metaterra Corp, an OTC firm based in the United States.

About Miracle Cash&More:

Miracle Cash&More has evolved as a prominent authority in the financial business, focused on flexibility in a disruptive period, driven by its innovative Chairman Mrs. Ebru Torehan. The company specialises in modern cryptocurrency exchange services, including tokens, nodes, and NFT services. Miracle Cash, their ground-breaking innovation, promises to revolutionise the market with its exceptional value proposition.

About Metaterra Corp:

Metaterra Corp will become an umbrella corporation with a strategic focus on the ever-changing world of financial technologies. Metaterra Corp will start on a transformational journey under this new directive, connecting its operations with cutting-edge financial technology solutions to fulfill the market’s increasing needs. This strategy shift prepares Metaterra Corp to play a key role in the financial technology sector, shaping the future of digital banking and leveraging acquired knowledge to drive innovation and set industry standards.

Strategic Rationale Behind the Acquisition:

Miracle Cash&More’s acquisition of Metaterra Corp is motivated by a strong desire to expand its global reach and make shares available to stockholders on a global scale. This strategic choice is more than just about growth; it is a determined step towards having a strong presence in international markets. With a firm Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation in hand, the company is now ready to pursue aggressive global growth. By acquiring an OTC company, they position themselves to leverage the company’s experience and resources to navigate the complexities of the global financial landscape, giving investors throughout the world a chance to join in their success.

Impact of the Acquisition:

Miracle Cash&More’s acquisition of Metaterra Corp has a significant impact on both organisations and their stakeholders. Existing Miracle Cash&More pre-share buyers see this acquisition as an interesting prospect. It gives them access to liquid shares, increasing investing flexibility and allowing them to respond to market movements more quickly. The unified Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) valuation assures an instantaneous impact on share values, providing owners with concrete benefits. This move reflects both organisations’ passion and ambition as they embark on a transformative path that promises to redefine the future of finance. It represents a commitment to value creation, transparency, and empowerment in the ever-changing financial world.

Miracle Cash&More Chairman Mrs. Ebru Torehan shared her insights and vision for this acquisition:

“Today is a remarkable day in the journey of Miracle Cash&More. We are thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of Metaterra Corp, a move that aligns perfectly with our goal of global expansion. With our consolidated DCF valuation, we are well-prepared to step boldly onto the international stage.

At Miracle Cash&More, we have always thrived on adaptability and innovation. This acquisition represents the next logical step in our evolution, allowing us to leverage the strengths of Metaterra Corp to create value for our shareholders.

What makes this acquisition particularly exciting is the immediate impact it offers to our existing pre-share buyers. You now have the opportunity to hold liquid shares, and the consolidated DCF valuation ensures that your shares will reflect their true value. We value your support and trust in us, and this acquisition is a testament to our commitment to delivering value.

I want to extend my appreciation to our dedicated teams at Miracle Cash&More and Metaterra Corp for their hard work in making this acquisition a reality. Together, we are poised for a future filled with growth and success for all stakeholders.

Thank you for joining us on this exciting journey.”

Miracle Cash&More intends to use the full potential of this strategic acquisition as a catalyst to usher in a new era of opportunities for its stakeholders, effectively bringing its global ambitions to reality. This perfect alliance of Miracle Cash&More and Metaterra Corp is poised to revolutionise the financial landscape, driven by a shared vision of excellence and persistent innovation. They hope to create a plethora of new opportunities for all stakeholders, not just the companies themselves. This acquisition is more than just a business transaction; it represents a watershed moment in their drive to build a dynamic and responsive financial ecosystem that adapts and thrives in an ever-changing global marketplace.

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