Geeky News Discusses How ePROs Are Revolutionising Clinical Trials

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Surrey, United Kingdom Oct 10, 2023 ( – The use of electronic Patient-Reported Outcomes (ePROs) is changing how clinical trials are conducted in a complicated research landscape. A recent article published by Geeky News, a leading technology and lifestyle journal, explores how ePROs are revolutionising these trials by streamlining data capture and enhancing patient-centricity.

Traditionally, paper-based Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs) have been the norm in clinical trials. PROs are a way for patients to report their physical and mental status, including symptoms and conditions. However, they come with significant challenges.

The article highlights the barriers associated with paper-based PROs.

Time-consuming for Patients:

Patients often struggle to complete extensive paper questionnaires, especially those with serious illnesses, leading to missing or inaccurate data.

Time-Consuming and Erroneous Process for Healthcare Professionals:

Healthcare professionals may find manual data entry and verification processes time-consuming, resulting in potential errors.

Cost Implications:

The need for manual data review, corrections, and follow-ups adds to the overall cost of traditional paper-based trials.

In such a scenario, ePRO provides a practical solution. ePRO-based clinical trials have demonstrated compliance rates of approximately 90% to 97%, a substantial improvement compared to the ~30% compliance rate seen in paper-based trials. The article emphasises the advantages of ePROs in overcoming these barriers.

Improved Compliance:

ePROs enable participants to conveniently complete questionnaires from their homes using computers or smartphones, which reduces the burden on patients and improves the quality of data.

Automated Workflow:

ePROs automate data management functions, reducing administrative burdens on the site staff and expediting study timelines.

Cost Reduction:

Standardised ePRO components can be recycled, saving costs on questionnaire development and enabling quicker trial closure.

Reduced Workload:

Real-time data review minimises the risk of data loss, leading to high compliance rates and the ability to collect sufficient data from fewer subjects and sites.

While ePROs offer substantial benefits, the article notes that subjectivity in ePRO data can pose challenges. To address this, trail sponsors are encouraged to explore ePRO solutions that leverage AI augmentation, provided by expert vendors such as ObvioHealth, to enhance data capture and rating processes.

The article is a comprehensive exploration of the transformative impact of ePROs in the clinical trial landscape. It underscores the importance of embracing technology to enhance patient experiences, data accuracy, and overall trial efficiency.

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