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–News Direct– CEO Evan Gappelberg joined Steve Darling from Proactive with a comprehensive corporate update, shedding light on the various business units under and their impressive achievements.

One noteworthy highlight is the company's collaboration with major clients like Amazon, Kohl's, and others, where has been instrumental in building over 60,000 models.

The company's remarkable growth is reflected in its financial performance, with a 157% increase in revenue over the past six months and a remarkable 155% rise in Q2 revenue compared to the previous year.

The company is well on track for a record-breaking fourth quarter as well.

MapD, the company's events solutions platform, is also experiencing substantial growth, with multiple reseller agreements signed, including partnerships with Advanced Solutions, Rainfocus, CannaCon, and American Tradeshow Services, which has renewed its annual license. In just nine months, MapD has already surpassed its 2022 revenue figures., a SaaS solution that utilizes generative AI to convert CAD files, has garnered impressive traction with over 17,000 sign-ups and over 19,000 projects generated. The platform's integration with Sketchfab, boasting over 5 million 3D models available for download, has further strengthened its appeal. The company anticipates surpassing 30,000 users by year-end and plans to introduce additional pricing plans to enhance flexibility.

Gappelberg also highlighted the success of ARway, which has secured key deals with prominent entities, including one of California's largest shopping malls, the second-largest university in Turkey, and the largest rental car company in South America. The company's robust pipeline includes 13 identified corporations as pilot project prospects across various vertical markets, including retail, healthcare, education, manufacturing, telecom, and digital marketing.

ARway's selection to complete an initial build of the ARway Platform on Apple's Vision Pro hardware at Apple Park demonstrates its position at the forefront of augmented reality technology development.

In summary,'s diverse business units are flourishing, with impressive growth, strategic partnerships, and a robust pipeline of opportunities across multiple industries. The company's innovative solutions and strong client relationships position them as a significant player in the ever-evolving fields of 3D modeling, augmented reality, and generative AI.

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