Groundbreaking Research Reveals the Emergence of Ethnosadocentrism: An Revolutionary Innovative Psychological Profile

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United States, 9th Sep 2023, King NewsWireThis research work began more than 15 years ago and was entirely funded from its own funds. After Analyzing all aspects through an in-depth study, ABU KABA came to the conclusion that he was facing a new psychological profile. And this psychological profile is nothing more than the one that has been sublimely named.


By its definition, this complex profile is a set of 2 moral attitudes (ethnocentrism, egocentrism) and 3 behaviors (sadism, hypocrisy and laziness) that characterize a specific type of person. Ethnosadocentism is a notion that refers to the tendency to consider one’s own culture, values and norms to be superior to those of others.

This results in a worldview centered on one’s own ethnic or cultural group and/or one’s own person, with a tendency to judge other cultures or people through the prism of one’s own culture. Ethnosadocentism can lead to prejudices, stereotypes and misunderstanding of other cultures and people.

It is therefore important to cultivate an open and respectful attitude towards cultural diversity to avoid ethnosadocentism. By its definition mentality / psychological profile is the way of thinking and believing that influences decision-making that lead to actions and reactions characteristic of a group of people and that apply to each member. Ethnosadocentism is a unique psychological profile that combines moral attitudes and behaviors.

The results are therefore a distinct type of personality. Ethnosadocentism will very Soon Become Very important in the field of psychology. This will be due to the collective awareness of its potential influence on societal dynamics and individual well-being. In this press release, we briefly explore the different aspects of ethnosadocentism. Indeed, this statement aims to provide an understanding of this discovery.

So, before going further, let’s define together the moral attitude and behavior for everyone’s understanding. According to Larousse, moral attitude is the set of rules of conduct, considered absolutely good or deriving from a certain conception of life.

And according to the Internet user, behavior characterizes all the reactions adopted by a person in his environment and in the face of given situations. That said, we will define together all the moral attitudes and behaviors that constitute ethnosadocentism.

Moral Attitudes:

  • Ethnocentrism: According to the international glossary, it is the tendency to think that the characteristics of one’s culture are better than those of other groups and to interpret the behavior of others through its analytical grid.
  • Egocentrism: Egocentrics focus mainly on their own interests, consider their opinion the most important and consider themselves the people to follow and admire.

Ethnocentrism and egocentrism are defined in the same way, except that in the case of ethnocentrism, the definition applies to a group of people and with regard to egocentrism, the definition applies to only one individual.


  • Sadism: Behavior of a person who likes to do or see others suffer. This is characterized in several forms (sexual, moral, physical, criminal, blasphemy, etc.)
  • Hypocrisy: Disguises your true character, expresses opinions, feelings that you do not have. Or more simply, the act of lying consciously, in order to attract social favors.
  • Laziness: Little Focused on effort, lazy, supporter of the slightest effort. Laziness Is Manifested by a lack of motivation to pursue goals or assume responsibilities. This often leads to unproductive behavior.

Ethnosabodocentism has its source from the moral attitudes mentioned above, namely ethnocentrism and/or egocentrism. This results from a complex relationship between societal factors, genetic codes and the environment. In addition, family dynamics and cultural influences can also lead to ethnosadocentrist behavior in individuals.

We can say that ethnosadocentrism has considerable societal consequences. People struggling with ethnosadocentism may find it difficult to build meaningful personal and professional relationships. In addition, ethnosadocentric individuals in communities and organizations can lead to an increase in conflict and a toxic environment. Their behavior will also lead to obstacles to cooperation issues. This can also slow down the progress of any organization.

Identifying and combating ethnosadocentism is crucial to fostering inclusive and harmonious environments. It is also healthy for the mental health of others. Recognizing the existence of ethnosadocentism or a person with ethnosadocentism is the first step to approach this profile. Psychologists and mental health professionals will develop strategies to help people with ethnosadocentric tendencies

To fight against ethnosadocentism on a larger scale, it is essential to promote cultural diversity, tolerance and, above all, open-mindedness. By promoting an inclusive society, we can work to reduce the impact of this psychological problem in the world.

The complexity of this psychological profile highlights the need to continue research in psychology and sociology. By understanding and addressing ethnosadocentism, we can fight for a more compassionate and harmonious world

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