Fine Art Auction Historical Price Database & Analytics Platform Announced

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LOT-ART offers its members a sophisticated global art auction aggregator which draws upon historical data sets from the world’s leading fine art auction houses to create an accurate picture of both the previous, current and predicted future performance of different styles and types of art, and of works by specific artists. The founders of LOT-ART believe their platform is equally useful for both investors and collectors because it can help interested buyers to assess the financial worth of any piece they are interested in and gain a clear picture of its likely liquidity.

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LOT-ART believes that art can be one of both the most financially prudent and enjoyable forms of alternative investment, and they have seen that it has continued to outperform most other alternative investments in 2023. Likewise, they recommend art investment for its stability in light of ongoing market instabilities. As their founders explained, “When high inflation and interest rate hikes inevitably affect financial markets, the low correlation of art-related assets with traditional investments generates high capital diversification benefits.”

However, while LOT-ART generally believes that fine art is an excellent alternative investment, they caution that the market can be difficult to pierce, especially for outsiders, and that art–as an object of passion for many collectors–can be difficult to price.

That’s why their new art market data analytics membership platform aggregates such a large body of data, because this allows them to truly capture global industry trends, beyond the skews that may appear in smaller data sets that are impacted by passion buyers with big pockets.

LOT-ART is confident that they can provide interested investors with the ability to secure the best price at auction and to secure investments with a high likelihood of a strong financial return. They work with buyers across the UK, Europe and North America, and in select locations in Oceania, including Australia and Hong Kong.

A spokesperson for the membership database said, “Leveraging on the platform’s big data analytics, market expertise and international network, our investment advisory will assist you with selecting, acquiring, valuating and selling fine art and luxury collectibles at the best price, to optimize your portfolio diversification strategy.”

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