Network Building Mentoring For Coaches: Consultant Skills Training Course Update

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The recent changes to Jeanne Omlor’s Business Success Accelerator 2 program have been tailored to those just entering the consulting or coaching industry, and are intended to help participants build their networking skills. These new tips tie into the ultimate goal of the program, which is to provide strategies for growth that avoid the use of traditional paid advertising.

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Participants in Jeanne’s updated course will receive exclusive access to the high-impact strategies that she used when forging her own path in the consulting industry. Jeanne took advantage of these methods to build a $3 million consulting enterprise by leveraging her credentials, networking online, and growing her business through word of mouth.

Now, she has returned to the fold to pass on what she has learned to new consultants attempting to enter what has become a highly competitive industry. With nearly one million self-identified consultants and coaches currently working, she intends to give her participants an important competitive edge.

Her program starts at square one, helping students develop their offers while also establishing authority in their niche of choice. She encourages the leveraging of pre-existing connections in this initial phase in order to pull in an initial client base, a process which she personally oversees in the form of one-on-one training sessions with each client.

Following these initial phases of business development, she invites participants to engage in a combination of mindset training and group networking with other members of the program. These components of the Business Success Accelerator are designed to encourage positive thinking even in the face of negative feedback, all in the service of developing a robust digital marketing strategy.

In Jeanne’s words, “I infuse my ICF Accreditation from Intelligent Leadership into all of my trainings so that my clients can prosper, while being Leaders in their businesses and lives – no matter what the size the business may be. My clients have something in common: they are smart, go-getters who want to fulfill their ultimate potential.”

Those who wish to join the program can schedule a free personal consultation with Jeanne to discuss the specifics of membership. She has pledged to help everyone who reaches out achieve their business dreams; a full breakdown of the program, case studies, and testimonials are available on her website.

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