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Following recent changes to the social media landscape and its growing importance in terms of customer interaction, Jeanne has updated her Business Success Accelerator 2 course to help aspiring entrepreneurs expand their audience organically. In the updated material, she shows how channels like LinkedIn and Facebook can be used to build and leverage a network for long-term consistent growth.

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This updated program is intended for aspiring entrepreneurs, consultants, and course sellers looking to monetize their knowledge. The program is beginner-friendly, but may also be useful for those who have seen their growth stall, or for those who are looking to expand into a new niche.

Jeanne’s program combines proven individual-level strategies with a group coaching setting. This formula is intended to provide each participant with the specific resources they need, while also facilitating an encouraging environment for growth.

Participants in past versions of the training have used the group aspect of the program to share their successes, provide inspiration to one another, and work through shortcomings collaboratively.

Jeanne will walk each participant in the program through the process of developing a high-impact offer, leveraging social media channels to market and grow one’s network. From there, she will help each participant establish and set the foundation for long-term goals.

She also places a large focus on mindset coaching, teaching a variety of strategies to help her students overcome their shortcomings, devise clever solutions to problems, and celebrate successes. Overall, she encourages forward thinking with an emphasis on positivity and eliminating barriers to success, both internal and external.

One participant said, “I’ve got to thank Jeanne. After clarifying my offer and its value, I made a 5k sale on my very first call – back in the saddle after a bad experience. Even though I’m splitting the sale between 3 months, I’m still pumped. I haven’t even gone through all the training yet and am already seeing results.”

Interested parties can schedule a one-on-one discovery call with Jeanne to determine whether the Business Success Accelerator program is the right choice. Jeanne is committed to helping everyone who contacts her get the help they need to achieve their business dreams, and has pledged to connect anyone who schedules a call with the best program for their situation.

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