LA Best Urban Book “LAND OF NO PITY” hits the record of 1.5 million digital downloads in August 2023

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In the Month of August 2023 “LAND OF NO PITY” In and Out the System Based On A Modern Day Slavery, urban novel achieved 1.5 million Downloads at

Los Angeles, California Aug 29, 2023 ( – The latest urban literary creation, “LAND OF NO PITY” makes a record by reaching 1.5 million digital downloads in August of this year. This is significant progress for Reality Author Cornelius Rogers who resides in Los Angeles and witnessed in dark world within. Depicting the LA Gangster life, the novel is based on Modern-day Slavery that starts from the Los Angeles streets and stretches up to the Los Angeles County Jail Political System. Being a metaphysical thinker, the author is able to offer the taste of the home of the Crips, and Bloods, “Where only the Strong survives”.

“LAND OF NO PITY” offers a compelling story inspired by the lives of Stanley Tookie Williams, Raymond Washington, and Laddell Dell Dog Rowles. The author started writing while he was incarcerated in the LA County Jail System. The idea behind writing this masterpiece was to communicate with many LA Crips, and LA Bloods from different hoods that were incarcerated with him at the time housed in the 2000 Baker & Charlie Row modules, LA County Jail’s wicked political system. It is not required to say that Reality Author Cornelius Rogers did an incredible job in crafting this book that reflects throughout the book. The best fact is that he did all that without consulting with a literary agent’s support. The book is oriented on LA Hood Language, Gang Riots, and Gang Politics, coming from the LA dangerous streets to the wicked LA County Jail System that many can find relateable and some might find unknown.

There are always two sides to a coin and similarly, this novel also offers two different sides of modern society. It shows how LA Street politics operates without breaking any street codes. The book explores two types of LA Crip, and LA Blood gang member entities, who offer a logical understanding of a path of Stopping “Black on Black Genocide; and the others who are 100% against “Black on Black Genocide”, and anyone affiliated with such evil. With an intriguing narrative and the depiction of the unknown, the book has won the hearts of millions of readers. The greatest power expressed in “LAND OF NO PITY” teaches repeat jail or prison offenders how not to go back to the political hell on earth. Readers can download and find more information about the book at

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