Save the Date: The Marshall Gallery Presents the Third Annual ‘A Women’s Art Expo’ in Scottsdale

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Scottsdale, AZ – The Marshall Gallery is excited to announce its highly anticipated annual event, “A Women’s Art Expo,” taking place in October 2023. The expo will run on Tuesday, October 12th, from 5 pm to 9 pm, and Friday, October 13th, from 11 am to 3 pm. This exceptional showcase will feature an array of accomplished female artists, including Carol Estes, Elena Goldberg, Shari Lyon, Leah Rei, Becky Pashia, Jessica Garrett, Harper Henry, Krystii Melaine, Daniela Pasqualini, and Danene Taysom.

During the expo, guests will be captivated by Carol Estes’ vibrant and energetic works that transcend abstract painting, reflecting her unique personality and nature. Her art exudes a buoyant and progressive optimism, leaving a lasting impression on all who view it. Additionally, Elena Goldberg’s art will feature a new focus on Arizona’s withering heat, showcasing the play of early morning light and the muscularity of the Saguaro, beautifully capturing the essence of the desert landscape.

Art enthusiasts seeking a fresh and extraordinary art experience will be enthralled by Shari Lyon’s encaustic works. Lyon employs the ancient technique of using hot melted beeswax and damar resin to create captivating and ethereal images with rich textures. Her artistic repertoire also encompasses the use of oil paints, pan-pastels, photography, and drawings, resulting in a diverse and captivating body of work.

Guests attending the upcoming AWAE in Scottsdale featuring all women artists can anticipate an evocative journey when encountering Becky Pashia’s pieces. Pashia skillfully suggests subjects, employing light and color to elicit specific emotions and leave a profound impact on viewers. Each artwork presented during the show will be unique, offering a diverse range of artistic expressions.

Leah Rei’s abstract interpretations of natural surroundings will transport guests to an imaginative realm, while Jessica Garrett’s artwork captures the unparalleled light found in Western landscapes with remarkable accuracy. The aim of both artists is to create scenes that evoke a profound sense of calmness and wonder, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the luminous beauty of their surroundings.

Animal lovers will find joy in Harper Henry’s award-winning abstract-realistic paintings, which focus on horses, animals, and the American West. Through her unique style, Henry brings these subjects to life, showcasing their grace and power. Additionally, Krystii Melaine’s realistic oil paintings of wildlife, horses, cowboys, and Native Americans will further enrich the art experience, as she masterfully captures the intricate details and emotions of her subjects.

Daniela Pasqualini and Danene Taysom explore the elements of flora and fauna, offering vibrant and colorful landscapes and still life compositions that celebrate the beauty of nature in their distinct artistic styles.

The annual “A Women’s Art Expo” at Scottsdale’s Top Modern Art Gallery promises to be a celebration of artistic diversity, where each artist’s unique approach and style come together to create a truly unforgettable exhibition.

A quote from the gallery’s website states, “Everything on our website is available for purchase. Shop our online store! Smaller works are available for immediate purchase.”

To attend the upcoming “A Women’s Art Expo” event on October 12th and 13th, 2023, interested individuals can RSVP via the gallery’s website or call (480) 970-3111. Visit The Marshall Gallery at 7106 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, US.

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