Boston-Brookline Personal Injury Lawyer Moves to Franklin MA Serving Metro West

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August 29, 2023 – Franklin, MA – Attorney Daniel Cardinal of the law firm Franklin Law Group MA, LLC, moved his practice from Boston into Franklin as a way to best serve his local community. Now, Attorney Cardinal is dedicated to the service of clients in the Metro West area, specializing in Personal Injury services.

If the not-at-fault party sustains injuries or if additional persons involved suffer personal injuries, they are entitled to compensation from the negligent party’s insurance. If liability is proven, damages will be paid, aiding the victim of an accident.

Injuries and damages suffered in an auto accident, or any accident, effect more than just the individual injured persons involved. Whole families can be effected by the negligence of a driver. For instance, if any of the not-at-fault parties in an auto accident have children or a spouse, the spouse and/or children are entitled to money damages from the negligent driver’s auto insurance company. Spouses and children of the victim of an auto accident are identified and encouraged to file a claim of spousal loss of consortium or a dependent child’s loss of a parent’s love, guidance and affection.

Additionally, a parent can claim money damages if their child was in a car accident and sustained personal injuries. Like a spouse, the parent can show that their child can no longer provide the same care and affection towards the parent due to the child’s injuries. The parent must prove that their child’s severe personal injuries has created a short term, long term, or permanent change in the parent and child relationship that they once shared, resulting in the parent now suffering measurable damages. These damages may be a financial loss to the parent. Additional compensation can be sought if a parent or spouse responsible to take care of their injured loved ones was required to miss work while they aid their family member who was injured in the accident.

There are no laws that exactly define or determine the monetary value of a loss of companionship on consortium claims. A child’s loss of consortium claim, a spousal loss of consortium claim, or a parent’s loss of consortium claim due to the injuries suffered by their loved one are all controlled by Massachusetts Statute Chapter 231, Section 85X. The injured party must be at the very least dependent on their child/spouse/parent financially, either prior or post-accident. The value of the claim or claims brought on by the family or the not-at-fault party will be determined by a judge or jury following the retention of a personal injury attorney. The loss to be valued is the loss of the enjoyment of life, and the loss of that person’s companionship and support. Automobile insurers for the at-fault party recognize these loss of consortium claims and will include damages for these claims as part of their evaluation of the initial claim.

A skilled personal injury attorney for over 30 years, Attorney Daniel Cardinal has been dedicated to assisting his community both from his practice in Brookline, but now his practice in Franklin, the town where he has lived and raised his family. Attorney Cardinal values his family and the safety of his loved ones. His years of dedicated service in his community provide his clients with the same feeling of protection and reliability that Attorney Cardinal has become known for over his years of practice in personal injury law.

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