The Bell Tower on 34th Launches Outdoor Event Space For Casino Parties, Houston

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The Bell Tower on 34th believes that casino-themed and Las Vegas recreation-style parties make for particularly enjoyable private and corporate events, and they are pleased to now be hosting them for the first time. The event-producing team at The Bell Tower on 34th has traveled across the country to Las Vegas and other well-known casino and resort towns so that they can now bring interested event hosts an authentic casino-style experience, complete with entertainment and decorations.

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The Bell Tower on 34th is also now making their unique outdoor Waterwall Plaza available to private and corporate parties who want to host a casino night event. The event producers believe this distinctive space–which features a 30-foot waterfall wall and the elegant Mediterranean architecture of the historic venue as its backdrop–will make an opulent Vegas-style setting for any casino party.

As Roger Igo, The President and CEO of The Bell Tower on 34th, said, “Day or night, the 30-foot tall Waterwall at Bell Tower on 34th is a spectacle to behold. As the cascading water tumbles gently down its face, guests can’t help but be enraptured by its beauty and aura of grandeur.”

The Bell Tower on 34th has new customizable event packages for any host who would like to host a casino party in their venue. Working alongside the venue’s in-house technical director, art director and executive chef, their event producers will design a full event concept. They will then create a clearly costed budget that reflects these inclusions and gives the host options according to their budget.

In addition to AV, catering and furniture, The Bell Tower on 34th has also added new decor and entertainment options to their ‘Vegas Houston’ packages.

Roger Igo added, “Our staff can help you source fun Las Vegas-style professional entertainers, new casino games, slot machines, and poker play that will satisfy your guests’ gambling itch. We are confident that our team members can help you make this ‘Las Vegas in Houston’ so much fun that your guests will think they are in the middle of L’Auberge Casino Resort or something created by Caesars Entertainment.”

The Bell Tower on 34th recommends interested hosts get in touch with their event production team to learn more about their new Vegas Houston packages.

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