Voluntary Disability, Accident Employee Benefit Plans Announced By Colonial Life

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As part of its newly available services, Colonial Life offers small businesses the opportunity to add voluntary benefits to their employee insurance plans, providing additional coverage for disability, accident, cancer, critical illness, dental and vision, hospital indemnity, and more.

More information can be found at https://www.amplifyyourbenefits.com

Colonial Life’s announcement comes at a time when many small businesses are searching for ways to keep employees content in the workplace and reduce turnover rates. With a focus on employee education and accessibility, the company’s voluntary options allow employers to offer a full benefits package that can help them retain and attract skilled workers without increasing overhead costs for the business.

The Society for Human Resource Management reports that 60% of employees rate benefits as a major contributor to overall job satisfaction, next to respectful treatment and compensation. At the same time, small businesses struggle to afford full benefits packages for employees, explains Timothy Arnold, CEO at Colonial Life. With its flexible enrollment plans, the team wants to enable employers to make additional benefits easily accessible to their employees at affordable prices.

With its suite of voluntary benefits enrollment solutions, Colonial Life aims to provide clients with a personalized digital experience for employee convenience and security. Business owners will also enjoy a streamlined enrollment process that includes education and administration, access to an online portal, and ongoing support from the Colonial Life team.

Colonial Life has adopted the Gathr HR technology platform, designed especially for small businesses, that gives employers centralized access to benefits administration, employee records, and new-hire onboarding, among other functions.

Colonial Life also offers multiple benefits enrollment methods for the convenience of employers and employees, including video chat, telephone, face-to-face meetings in the workplace, and online self-service enrollment. The company emphasizes the importance of ongoing education, offering a variety of webinars and educational resources, such as digital benefits booklets, to help small businesses and their workers keep up to date with their insurance policies.

In addition to providing voluntary benefits packages for small businesses, Colonial Life also works closely with organizations in the governmental and educational arena, such as school districts, support service providers, and law enforcement agencies.

Further details can be viewed at https://www.amplifyyourbenefits.com

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