Charlotte French Drain Installation For Crawlspaces & Basements: Service Updated

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Freedom Crawlspace Services’ updated French drain installation solutions provide clients with an effective way of channeling potentially dangerous water away from their building’s foundations. The drains are easy to install and are much less expensive and invasive than other drainage options.

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Groundwater, rainwater, and snowmelt, if not managed correctly, can cause significant damage to the foundations of homes and businesses, explains the company. French drains, which are essentially ground-level gutters, redirect this potentially dangerous water flow away from areas that are prone to flooding using a series of trenches and pipes. To be effective, however, it is recommended that professionals like those at Freedom Crawlspace Services install the French drain system.

Before all installations, their team starts with an evaluation of the property to figure out the most suitable drainage path for the system. During this phase, they check the incline of the property to determine which areas offer the least flow resistance. Once determined, a trench is carefully dug and filled with landscape fabric, pipes, and coarse drainage gravel.

By having a French drain system installed, clients prevent water from collecting around their homes or businesses and thus eliminate the chance of their foundation rotting, sinking, or suffering other catastrophic structural damage. They also reduce the chances of harmful mold and mildew developing in their crawlspace or basement.

“We’ve been having issues with rainwater pooling in depressions in our lawn, so we hired Freedom Crawlspace Services to install a French drain around the perimeter,” said a satisfied client. “They were incredibly thorough and dedicated, and they explained every step of the process in great detail. Now our family can rest easy knowing our home’s foundation isn’t at risk.”

To hire Freedom Crawlspace Services for a French drain installation clients can call the number in the description or fill out the request form on their website.

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A family-owned and operated business, Freedom Crawlspace Services provides professional crawlspace solutions to residential and commercial clients in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. In addition to French drain installation, the company also offers inspections, repairs, encapsulation, mold removal, vapor barrier installations, leak patches, and more.

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