Newark Interstate Mover For High-Rise Apartment: Mattress Packing Report Launch

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Many people find when moving that a bed is the largest, and most difficult furniture to move, but this new report launched by may be able to help. It explores simple and efficient methods for packing and moving a variety of bed types and explains when to call in a professional for assistance.

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While most types of beds can be disassembled and packed within a few hours, the report explains that waterbeds may be an exception, and should be drained 24 hours in advance, to ensure they are dry and empty for packing. The full report contains several methods for draining a waterbed and suggests the optimal strategy will depend on the type of bed and manufacturer’s instructions.

When packing bedding, the report explains that all items should be thoroughly cleaned, and then compressed, to minimize the excess air in each box. Once the bedding is packed, the report moves on to box springs and mattresses, which do not compress for packing and may require special assistance or transport.

The report includes several methods for protecting mattresses during transport, such as a mattress box or bag. It also explains that while it is common to transport mattresses on their side, memory foam mattresses should always be transported flat, because stacking them sideways can cause the memory foam interior of the bed to shift.

Although the report explains that most mattresses, box springs, and even water beds are similar, they can vary widely when it comes to the bed frame, making this a potentially difficult item to move without help. The full report includes several general methods to use, and specific suggestions for certain bed frame types, such as never wrapping a wood frame in plastic or bubble wrap.

Readers can also use a tool included in the report to get rate estimates from local professionals. By clicking “Get Quotes” on the website, users can fill out a simple form with details about their upcoming move, and get up to 7 no-cost, no-obligation quotes from reputable local moving companies.

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