Los Angeles Minimally Invasive Full Arch Dental Implants For Elderly Updated

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In a new update to a popular procedure, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute is now able to offer a gentler surgical option for elderly or infirm clients, to provide full arch dental implants, in a single visit.

More information about the All-On-4 implant procedure, gentle options for elderly clients, and updates to patient sedation procedures can be found at https://anacapadental.com/dental-implants/all-on-4-dental-implants/

Using this new technique, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute can provide clients with a fully implanted set of natural-looking and functional teeth in a single visit. However, with the latest updates, patients can complete the entire procedure without requiring any bone grafts, and with 4-6 implants per jaw

Details about the updated procedure can also be found in the clinician’s guide, “Graftless Solutions For The Edentulous Patient,” written by Dr. Saj Jivraj and published in the British Dental Journal. The new book explains advanced techniques for providing a full mouth restoration, while causing minimal surgical damage, by replacing traditional bone grafts with an advanced implant technique.

Dr. Saj Jivraj is also the founder of the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and works closely with patients undergoing the All-On-4 procedure, to ensure that every client is satisfied with their results. Aside from writing the clinician’s guide and regularly performing this procedure at his own practice, Dr. Jivraj is also known for teaching this technique in seminars both nationally and internationally.

While this new technique provides several important benefits, including completing a full restoration in a single day and ensuring minimal surgical damage, it also provides peace of mind to clients through a unique warranty program. Clients will receive a 5-year warranty for their new implants, as well as a 10-year warranty for the implants themselves.

To assist clients who may be concerned about physical pain or who may suffer from a fear or phobia of the dentist, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute provides four options for sedation. However, clients should be aware that sedation options should be discussed before their appointment, and if sedated, they will be required to plan in advance for a ride home after their procedure.

One satisfied client said, “I came in for an implant yesterday and was nervous. The procedure went quickly, and they made sure I was comfortable and didn’t feel any pain. They did a great job, and I felt no pain later that night or the next day. I highly recommend Anacapa Dental. Everyone there is friendly and enjoys what they do, and it shows.”

More information about Dr. Saj Jivraj, the Anacapa Dental Art Institute, and the All-On-4 single-day implant procedure can be found at https://anacapadental.com/

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