Jersey City Long-Distance Apartment Movers: Dresser Packing Report Launched

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This new report launched by can help anyone learn how to prepare, protect, and properly move large furniture without hiring a moving company, by following simple step-by-step directions.

More information about moving dressers, local moving companies, and protective equipment for large furniture can be found in the full report, at

While dressers can often be relocated without the help of a professional moving company, this new report explains that it will require a minimum of two people, a few basic tools, and some protective equipment. The report also contains links to related tutorials, such as how to pack clothing for a move, and steps for relocating mattresses of various sizes.

Before a dresser can be moved, the report suggests several steps that can help to lighten the load, protect the furniture, and prevent damage to floors, walls, and doorways. However, the steps may vary based on whether the dresser is being moved within the apartment, or to a new apartment altogether.

When moving a dresser within an apartment, the contents can often be kept in the drawers, as long as they are removed before the dresser is relocated. However, when moving a dresser to a new house or apartment, the report suggests unloading each drawer and packing the contents into separate boxes.

Once a dresser has been emptied, the report explains how to remove any additional accessories, such as mirrors or vanity shelves. These items should always be wrapped and boxed separately, although the exact methods will vary depending on their size, shape, and weight.

Since dressers can vary widely, the report contains extensive information about how to wrap them properly, to ensure the safety of various parts. While some dressers may require minimal packaging, others may have delicate doors, handles, shelves, or legs, which could require extra protection.

The full report from also contains a simplified process for determining the cost of hiring a professional. Users can fill in a single form with details about their upcoming move, and they will receive up to 7 estimates from reputable local moving companies, with no cost or obligation.

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