Alberta Medical Esthetic Certification For Single Mothers: Training Updated

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New updates to the Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy in Alberta, and throughout Canada, can help students to complete their aesthetician certification in only a few months, using a new hybrid online/offline learning system that prepares graduates to open their own businesses.

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With this new training option, students can learn to perform up to a dozen of the most popular medical aesthetic procedures, while also developing the skills required to operate a new business. Each course contains industry-specific business strategies, health and safety training, and details about the regulatory or legal considerations for running a clinic.

While these new programs are available anywhere in Canada, and students can complete most of the work online, the Dermysk Academy does require students to spend a minimum of one week receiving hands-on training at their Academy. This practical portion of the class can be scheduled at any time, at any Dermysk Academy across Canada, though it must be completed before students can graduate.

The latest updates provide new students with two standard options for gaining their certification. Students can enroll directly in the Dermysk Academy’s Master-level training to become fully certified as a Master of Medical Aesthetics in a single class. However, most students choose to enroll in the Basic program, which provides certification in up to a dozen of the most popular techniques.

Students can return at any time to upgrade their certifications using the Dermysk Academy’s Advanced course, which is only open to certified graduates of the Basic program or MedSpa workers with at least five years of industry experience. This Advanced course teaches complex techniques using stem cells, platelet-rich plasma, and non-invasive body sculpting.

All graduates will also be enrolled in the Dermysk Academy’s After-Graduate support program, which helps new aestheticians to find work placements, advance their careers, or improve their certifications.

One new aesthetician explained, “I recently graduated from the medical aesthetics program here at Dermysk, and I had an incredible experience. The location is beautiful, the staff are all amazing, highly trained, and so helpful. I would highly recommend this location for education as well as services.”

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