WRX Pool Service: Transforming Orange County Swimming Pools into Serene Oases

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Windermere, Florida – A swimming pool is more than just a luxury. It’s an investment, and ensuring it is adequately maintained is paramount. WRX Pool Service, a premier pool service company in Orange County, recognizes the importance of having a functioning and beautiful swimming pool and has, for the past six years, been helping local property owners keep their pool systems in perfect condition.

The WRX Pool Service Windermere company services cater to both residential and commercial properties, offering a wide range of services, including inspections, pool heater installation, pump and motor repairs, green pool treatment, saltwater pool installation, and weekly pool service.

“I was appalled at the sight of green slime in my pool,” said a client. “But that was all resolved after WRX Pool Service used their advanced chlorine shock treatment process to return my pool to its pristine condition.”

A swimming pool is a potential safety and health hazard. Detecting swimming pools’ potential signs of danger can be difficult without technical expertise. Fortunately, WRX Pool Service’s swimming pool technicians are competent in detecting, evaluating, and diagnosing pool issues. The pool service company understands the complexities of pool systems and quickly identifies issues such as pH fluctuations, inconsistent water temperature, and more. Once their inspection is complete, they will provide a comprehensive report detailing the conditions they found and the corrective actions to address them.

The pump and motor are integral components of a swimming pool system that consume up to 15 percent of a pool’s energy. WRX Pool Service Windermere‘s maintenance and repair service ensures the pump and motor function optimally, thus saving clients money in energy costs. The team can replace worn or damaged parts, clean and lubricate the pump, and repair electrical issues.

The appeal of saltwater pools comes from their low maintenance costs and reduced need for chemicals. WRX Pool Service stays up-to-date with the latest technology in the industry and is fully equipped to install saltwater pool systems. The team understands the importance of having an efficient pool system that complies with health and safety regulations. Before the installation, they will assess the swimming pool type and configuration to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.

WRX Pool Service also provides green pool treatment services, ensuring pools are free of algae and other contaminants. The team understands that the correct application of chemicals is essential to keeping a pool in pristine condition. Using advanced chlorine shock treatment processes, WRX Pool Service helps return a pool to its healthy state.

WRX Pool Service is located at 6407 Swanson Street, Windermere, Florida, 34786, US. Contact the swimming pool service company at 321-430-0200 to schedule a professional service. Visit the company’s website to learn more about its services.

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