Roquefort Therapeutics seeks to lock in future value with anti-cancer therapeutic patents

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Roquefort Therapeutics PLC (LSE:ROQ, OTCQB:ROQAF) chief executive Ajan Reginald speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after announcing the successful filing of a global patent for its anti-cancer therapeutics.

Once approved, the international phase PCT (patent treaty cooperation) patent would cover the invention of Roqueforts RNA oligonucleotide and mRNA therapeutics in over 155 countries, the company said in a statement. Reginald highlights the significant strides made recently by the likes of Moderna, BioNTech, and Merck in employing mRNA effectively against cancer.

Roquefort's own promising results were unveiled in June, demonstrating what Reginald calls the cancer-killing potential of their mRNA and RNA oligonucleotide therapies for breast and liver cancers. The global patent covers their proprietary composition, securing their position in a competitive landscape.

Reginald emphasises the importance of capturing value through patents, with a view to making the company's offerings enticing for potential partnerships or acquisitions. He explains that "by patenting [the treatments] we're making sure we own that future potential once its realised."

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