Growatt Home Backup Generators Provide Peace of Mind During Power Outages

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Amityville, New York Aug 15, 2023 ( – As extreme weather events become more frequent, power outages are an unfortunate reality. When the lights go out, most homeowners are left scrambling for flashlights and candles while food spoils and homes grow uncomfortably warm or cold. However, for the prepared homeowners with home backup generators, power outages are merely an inconvenience rather than a crisis.

Home backup generators allow critical appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and medical devices to continue operating during an outage. Homeowners can also power lights, fans, televisions, and other amenities that make prolonged outages more bearable. The peace of mind a home backup generator provides is well worth the investment for most homeowners.

When purchasing a home backup generator, homeowners must consider what systems they want to power during an outage. Items like refrigerators and freezers are obvious necessities for food preservation, but central air, home medical devices, WiFi routers, and phone chargers also top most homeowners’ lists. Once appliance power requirements are calculated, homeowners can shop for a generator that meets their needs.

It’s important to choose a best home backup generator with enough output capacity to handle peak power demand. Home backup generators are available in power outputs ranging from 500 watts to over 1,500 watts. Having a generator too small for a home’s requirements will result in overloaded circuits, while oversized generators use more fuel and cost more upfront. Most homeowners do well with a 7,000 to 15,000 watt standby generator.

In addition to power output, homeowners need to decide between portable and standby generator types. Portable generators are less expensive and can be transported for use in various locations. However, they require manual start up and fuel replenishment when in use. Standby generators are permanently installed outside a home and connect directly to the electrical panel to automatically restore power during an outage. This convenience does come at a higher upfront cost, though some find the hands-off functionality worthwhile.

Routine maintenance is essential for backup generators to perform when needed most. Testing generators monthly ensures all systems function properly under load. Annual professional maintenance checks will also spot and address any issues before outages occur. Proper care extends generator lifespan and reduces the need for costly repairs.

In addition to routine upkeep, homeowners must maintain a fresh fuel supply for gasoline generators. Storing extra gasoline makes lengthy outages possible to weather, but gas should be cycled seasonally to prevent it from going bad. Always follow safety guidelines for generator fuel storage and maintenance.

Power outages will continue as severe weather disrupts electrical service. But home backup generators allow uninterrupted access to modern amenities that make blackouts merely uncomfortable rather than dangerously disruptive. Homeowners interested in backup power can consult with qualified electricians to explore generator options suitable for their needs and budget. The investment offers great peace of mind the next time the lights go out.

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