Toronto Medical Esthetic Careers: Beauty & Dermatology Clinic Training Launched

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The Dermysk Medical Aesthetics Academy has launched a range of new, hybrid classes that can help anyone to become fully certified to work in a dermatology clinic or MedSpa, using a combination of online classes and hands-on training.

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To become certified through the Dermysk Academy, students will first be asked to complete several online training modules, where they will learn about the medical aesthetic industry, regulations, and procedures. After completing the online training, students will attend a practical training program, where they will get hands-on experience with industry tools and clients.

To make their courses more accessible to anyone, regardless of location, financial status, or living situation, the Dermysk Academy has made all the education portions of the training available online. Students can complete their coursework at any time, from anywhere with an internet connection, while working at their own pace.

During the online training, students will learn about the science and biology behind popular medical aesthetic techniques, such as laser hair removal, acne treatments, and Body Sculpting. This will ensure that every student understands how each procedure works and what makes it effective.

Students can access three courses for medical aesthetics, the Basic, Advanced, and Master training programs. While the Basic course provides certification in up to a dozen of the most popular techniques, the Advanced course teaches a few highly sought-after and complex procedures, such as Body Sculpting and laser gynecology.

To enroll in the Basic program, students will require either a high school diploma or some form of relevant work experience. Graduation from the Basic program will allow students to access the Advanced class, which otherwise requires at least 5 years of experience working in the medical aesthetic industry.

Alternatively, students may enroll directly in the Master’s training program to learn all of the content from both the Basic and Advanced courses in a single class, as well as exclusive training not available elsewhere. This program has no prerequisites and provides graduates with a Master of Medical Aesthetics certificate.

One recent graduate explained, “I would highly recommend this medical aesthetics education program to anyone looking to pursue a career in this field. It provided a solid foundation and set me up for success.”

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