Satellite Communication’s Role in Hawaii’s Wildfires: A Vital Lesson for Everyone – Satmodo Highlights

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Wildfire in Maui

Maui wildfires show the essential role of satellite phones in crises. Satmodo emphasizes that satellite communication isn’t a luxury but a life-saving necessity.

Kula, Hawaii Aug 10, 2023 ( – In the wake of the unprecedented and harrowing wildfires tearing through Maui, coupled with the disruptive force of Hurricane Dora, Satmodo stands ready to offer vital communication solutions to those affected by these natural disasters.

With traditional cell towers down and emergency services overwhelmed, Hawaii’s people face not just a natural crisis but a communication one. “The wildfires fueled by strong winds from Hurricane Dora had also knocked out 9-1-1 and cell phone services, cutting off communication with the worst affected areas”, said Hawaii Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke. The situation unfolding in Maui demonstrates that this could happen anywhere, not just on islands like Hawaii, but in mainland areas, particularly California and desert states.

The situation in Hawaii is both terrifying and a sobering reminder,” says Mike Mikha, Director of Emergency Continuity of Satmodo. “Our hearts go out to everyone affected, and we are here to support in the most meaningful way we can: by ensuring people can connect with each other.”

Satmodo is emphasizing the need for individuals, businesses, and emergency responders to understand that cell towers can fail, and when they do, the consequences can be dire. “When ‘9-1-1 is down, cell service is down, phone service is down,” said Hawaii’s Lt. Gov. Sylvia Luke. “We need a dependable alternative, and that’s where satellite technology shines,” Mikha explains.

The wildfires have left many victims stranded and desperate, with some residents even jumping into the ocean to flee the flames! Hospitals are overrun with burn victims, while many individuals are unable to reach emergency services.

People are struggling, and we can’t stand idly by,” says Mikha. “We need to raise awareness that satellite phones are not just conveniences; they can be lifesaving devices in situations like this.”

“Timing is the most important in these situations because while we have the equipment to go out, getting them to the affected areas and to individuals becomes much more challenging,” says Mikha. Faced with the catastrophic events unfolding in Hawaii, Satmodo’s stance resonates more than ever: the readiness and understanding of satellite communication’s vital role can mean the difference between life and death, providing a connection when all other means fail.

We all must recognize the vulnerabilities of traditional communication networks. From the California wildfires to hurricanes in Florida, these are lessons we must learn,” Mikha stresses. “We have the technology to help, and we are committed to making sure that communities across the nation know that satellite phones can be their lifeline.

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