Authority Positioning For Aspiring Coaches: Thought Leadership Program Update

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Mike Driggers’ latest addition to his array of course offerings, mentorship and coaching programs, and other knowledge products allows aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, thought leaders and other influencers to establish successful online businesses within six months.

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The new course offering helps aspiring coaches across a wide range of business types tailor their social media profiles to connect with their ideal prospects. Participants are given a ten-step roadmap that will guide them step by step to increasing their chances of attracting the right type of client for their chosen business and of building their revenues.

Mantis Research, a publisher of original, survey-based marketing reports, surveyed about 500 marketers and found that 70% thought it was very important for thought leadership to persuade audiences to take an action, and 60% thought it was very important for it to positively impact their marketing. IME Publishing Group’s products and services help up-and-coming thought leaders achieve both of these ends.

IME Publishing Group can work with clients to create high-value courses and coaching offerings. Its in-house marketing team can also assist in promoting these services. Once leads have been converted, the company’s sales team will close deals for clients.

Clients may also benefit from an eight-week course that teaches a comprehensive strategy to help them begin building reputations as authority figures in their niches.

Those who want a sample of the company’s offerings may opt to download a complimentary ebook introducing its approach on its website.

About IME Publishing Group:

Founded by Mike Driggers and based in Walnut Creek, California, IME Publishing Group inspires, motivates, and empowers coaches, speakers, experts, authors, and thought leaders to position themselves as authority figures in their industries. Their work has been featured on major news sites like The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, NBC, Fox News, La Weekly, and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

“Whether you’re an executive at a Fortune 500 company or an entrepreneur, IME Publishing’s solutions go far beyond traditional business practices,” a satisfied customer testified. “Any organization can put them to immediate use and achieve amazing results.”

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