Essential Surgical Instruments, Dental Supplier With Same-Day Shipping Update

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Using in-house manufacturing facilities, SurgiMac has been able to re-engineer several of the most essential surgical instruments for doctors, dentists, nurses, and veterinarians, to create an updated selection of high-quality instruments, with fast shipping throughout the USA.

More information about SurgiMac manufacturing facilities, SurgiMac branded instruments, and the fast-shipping service for healthcare professionals can be found at

The updated SurgiMac Pro Series of instruments contains 20 unique tools, each manufactured to the highest quality standards for both precision and durability. These instruments are available to anyone, with or without a SurgiMac account, although healthcare professionals can access them at special rates by registering for a no-cost account.

Registered users can also access same-day shipping on all new instruments, disinfectants, or medical supplies. To access same-day service for any shipment, clients only have to complete their orders before noon, EST, from a registered SurgiMac account. All orders will be shipped from within the USA, and from the SurgiMac warehouse closest to the client whenever possible.

The new instrument line includes an improved Blumenthal Rongeur with an ergonomic design and 45-degree jaws. This 6-inch bone instrument is crafted from stainless steel to provide a lightweight feel, maximum durability for removing small pieces of bone, and easy sterilization after the procedure.

SurgiMac has also improved on its Astra-type 1.8 cc aspirating syringe, which is commonly used for administering dental anesthetics. The new design features a reusable, stainless steel instrument with disposable syringe tips for each client and an advanced ergonomic grip. While the instrument is primarily constructed of high-grade stainless steel, it has also been chrome plated to provide enhanced corrosion resistance.

While the new Pro Series of essential instruments contains only SurgiMac branded products, the company is also partnered with major medical manufacturers and suppliers from around the world, including PDI, Biofreeze, and Pierrel Pharma. A full list of authorized partners and brands carried by SurgiMac is available on the company’s website.

As an authorized provider for major brands, SurgiMac is able to offer special rates, same-day shipping, and warranties on a wide range of products from reputable healthcare brands, including disinfectants, personal protective equipment, and wound care items. However, certain items, such as injectable anesthetics, are only available to healthcare professionals that have registered for a no-cost account.

More information about registration for same-day shipping, partnerships with major medical brands, and the updated Pro Series of essential surgical instruments can be found at

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