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Tanwa The Story of a Five Year Old Living with Sickle Cell

The Story of a Five-Year-Old Living with Sickle Cell

Wilmington, Delaware Jul 22, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – Sickle cell disease, an inherited blood disorder, can impact individuals and their families. The condition causes red blood cells to become misshapen, leading to episodes of pain, fatigue, organ damage, and increased susceptibility to infections. Raising awareness and supporting research is crucial for improving the lives of those affected.

Dr. Raolee does her part to raise awareness in her heartwarming book, Tanwa. This endearing tale follows the journey of Tanwa, a bright and spirited girl who bravely faces the challenges of living with sickle cell disease. Tanwa’s resilience and unwavering spirit illuminate the pages as she navigates life’s ups and downs with determination, faith, and contagious joy for living.

In Tanwa, readers get to know the captivating young narrator who shares her experiences living with sickle cell disease. Tanwa is a fun-loving and intelligent five-year-old with four brothers and many cousins. Through her voice, she expresses her desire to play and have fun like any other child her age. However, she encounters limitations due to her condition. With wisdom beyond her years, she remembers the importance of staying hydrated to prevent sickle cell crises and turns to prayer, seeking strength and healing from God.

Tanwa’s mother plays a vital role in guiding and encouraging her daughter. She instills in Tanwa the value of finding reasons to laugh and have fun, as she believes that laughter is the best medicine. As readers immerse themselves in this heartwarming narrative, they will witness Tanwa’s growth, resilience, and unwavering spirit in adversity.

Dr. Raolee celebrates the launch of Tanwa in an inspiring interview with Emmy Award-winning author and radio host Kate Delaney on the show America Tonight. During this exclusive interview, Dr. Raolee shed light on the inspiration behind the book, the challenges faced by children living with sickle cell disease, and the power of hope and laughter in overcoming adversity. This enlightening conversation offered valuable insights and celebrated the remarkable resilience of children facing health challenges.







Dr. Raolee has crafted a heartwarming and relatable narrative that touches the hearts of readers of all ages. By sharing Tanwa’s story, Dr. Raolee aims to raise awareness about sickle cell disease while inspiring children and families facing similar struggles.

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ISBN: 978-1961416130

Book Title: Tanwa: The Story of a Five-Year-old Living with Sickle Cell!

Author: Dr Raolee

Publisher: Great Writers Media

Published Date: June 5, 2023

Book Genre: Children’s Literature, Children’s Novel, Children’s Books, Inspirational

About the Author

Dr. Raolee is a sickle cell warrior, doctor of education, robotics engineering teacher & steam coordinator, and writer.

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