Professional Videography For Tech Companies: Explainer Video Creation Announced

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The new announcement comes following research from HubSpot, which reveals 91% of businesses use video in their marketing campaigns. This is an all-time high figure and underscores the growing importance of video content as an advertising tool.

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With the latest update, the agency provides animation and graphics, blog recaps, and explainer videos – which can be implemented individually or alongside full-stack digital marketing services.

While video content continues to dominate online platforms, many businesses find themselves unable to afford the production costs or lack the necessary experience to create impactful videos. Behind the Work understands this challenge, and can manage all aspects of video production for tech companies.

Animations and dynamic motion graphics – which present key information in visually engaging ways – can be used to advertise products or engage customers during new product launches. The agency notes that they are also useful for product reviews because they can draw attention to prominent features.

Tech businesses can add visual elements to their blog content through recap videos, all managed by the in-house team. These can promote featured content, showcase important themes, or present key takeaways while creating an immersive experience for viewers.

Brand and company profile videos are also a key component of Behind the Work’s video marketing services. These help to convey important messages while humanizing the client’s brand. The agency ensures that each video captures the values of the business, establishing an emotional connection with the audience.

The agency also understands the importance of video in the e-commerce space and can cater to tech stores with engaging explainer videos. These play an important role in demonstrating products, highlighting key reviews, and showcasing unique features. Businesses can provide customers with a more immersive shopping experience – reducing bounce rates and driving conversion.

A spokesperson states: “Are you capturing the attention of your customers? We specialize in creating captivating video content that tells your story and resonates with your audience. Videography is a powerful medium that can help you communicate effectively with your audience and achieve your business goals.”

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